Atlanta man arrested with six guns, body armor at Publix grocery store

first_imgBlakeDavidTaylor/iStockBy MARK OSBORNE, ABC News(ATLANTA) — Two days after 10 people were murdered at a grocery store in Colorado, a man was arrested at an Atlanta supermarket with a semiautomatic rifle, a shotgun and four handguns. The man also was wearing body armor and had a cache of ammunition, according to police.Atlanta police identified the suspect as Rico Marley, 22, and said he’d been charged with reckless conduct.The incident happened at about 1:30 p.m. Wednesday when a witness saw Marley allegedly enter the Publix grocery store’s bathroom with a cache of weaponry. The individual called police and the suspect was arrested when he left the bathroom, law enforcement said.No shots were fired and no one was injured in the incident.Authorities said Grady Memorial Hospital emergency services were conducting a mental health evaluation on Marley.“At Publix, the safety of our associates and customers is our priority,” the grocery store said in a statement about the incident. “We are cooperating with local law enforcement on an incident that occurred earlier today in our Atlantic Station store. We are thankful that there were no injuries, and all were able to exit the store safely. The store is currently closed. Additional questions should be directed to the Atlanta Police Department.”Charles Russell, who saw the man in the bathroom, told Atlanta ABC affiliate WSB-TV that he immediately notified workers at the store.“I saw an AR-15 and I was like … you know, this kind of startled me, again with the events that just recently happened in the grocery store up in Colorado,” Russell said. “I went to the clerk at the customer service desk working at the time and let them know. It wasn’t acted upon right away. It was actually taken a little more lightly than I thought it would be, especially with the recent events.”Not only were 10 people killed at a King Sooper grocery store in Boulder, Colorado, on Monday, but eight individuals were killed in the Atlanta area last week in shootings at three spas. Robert Aaron Long was arrested and charged with eight counts of murder in those shootings.Marley is being held at Fulton County Jail.Copyright © 2021, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Coming clean

first_img– With a score of 10, Finland is seen as the world’s mosthonest country. “I do a lot of deals in Thailand and they couldn’t bedone without people being paid off. The payments are ‘lost’ through anothercompany that is set up locally. Really, I think this whole anti-corruptiondrive has come from back-office types who’ve never done a business deal in theirlives. Greasing palms is the way business is done in Asia – and always hasbeen. If I don’t, my competitor will.” “A rule of thumb many businesses use in gift-givingcultures is to neither accept nor give anything other than that which can beconsumed on the spot,” says Berenbeim. “So, a bottle of wine is okay.A case isn’t.” John Githongo, an anti-corruption campaigner in Kenya, backsthis up, saying that investors in many African countries soon realise that topromote their business, it’s essential to “establish mutually beneficialrelationships with the head of state, his relatives and croniesgenerally”. Previous Article Next Article “We have a Group-wide policy and target of no bribes.In 97 countries, Shell companies have procedures above and beyond the Group’scontrol measures to prevent and identify possible breaches of the ‘no bribes’policy,” she adds. Third-party agents working on Shell’s behalf are notexcluded from the no bribes policy. “To avoid inadvertently becominginvolved with corrupt practices through the use of intermediaries, Shellcompanies in 71 countries operate a procedure to ensure the use ofintermediaries does not compromise business integrity,” says Tavinor. – Does the fact that such practices are common in thecountry change the situation? An increasing number of countries and companies are adoptinganti-corruption legislation and strategies to stamp out bribery in business.But will they succeed? asks John Parrish Further information League of corruption A Shell company involved in a joint venture in a foreigncountry is trying to get one of the minister’s officials to grant a concession.The country’s government is also in discussion with a competitor who, accordingto a reliable source, does not shy away from buying off politicians. In thiscountry, bribery is the rule, not the exception. The Shell company learns thata condition for obtaining a concession is the donation of a substantial sum ofmoney to the president’s campaign fund. Dean Newlan, director of forensic accounting with consultingfirm KPMG in Australia, investigates corruption throughout Asia. “Therewas one case in Hong Kong where a manager was found to be asking for bribes andwas sacked – not because he was asking for bribes, but because he asked for thewrong amount,” says Newlan. “The difficulty is in trying tocommunicate a Western model of business ethics in a place where business hasbeen done in a different way for many years. I’m sure they would find ourbusiness practices very strange,” he adds. Nevertheless, larger companiesare increasingly adopting the Western model. – The UK has a rating of 8.7, making it the world’s tenthmost honest nation. Australia comes in at 13th with 8.3 and the US is 14th with7.8. – Go to  for the company’s information on bribery andcorruption, including excellent case studies that your managers can workthrough. Where do you think you are most likely to have to pay abribe to win business? US anti-corruption campaign group TransparencyInternational compiles an annual report which examines perceptions ofcorruption. The lower the score – on a scale of 1 to 10 – the more corrupt acountry is perceived to be. – Italy scores poorly with 4.6, making it joint 46th withJordan in the honesty league. Coming cleanOn 1 May 2001 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos. In Eastern Europe, gift giving, which can open the door tocorruption, isn’t so important. “I suspect solicitation for a bribe wouldbe more overt in somewhere like Russia,” says Berenbeim. Given the gripthe Russian Mafia has on the economy it may be put even more bluntly. Pay up orelse. Unfortunately, it’s not always that straightforward if youare a small or medium company that can’t afford to lose business, says theAustralian-based director of one US company, who preferred to remain anonymous.”Anti-bribery drives are all very well for Shell, but some of us can’tafford to lose business,” he says. The International Chamber of Commerce, the United Nations,the Organisation for Economic Co-operation (OECD) and Development, and theOrganisation of American States (OAS) have all developed initiatives andlegislation designed to stamp it out. The British government is currentlyplanning anti-corruption laws that would allow a Briton bribing an official ina foreign country to be tried for this offence when he or she returns home. TheUS has had such laws since 1977. A cynical attitude no doubt, but it is backed by statistics.A survey of international businesses by international security and risk consultancyControl Risks Group  revealed that 95%of respondents believed US companies used middlemen to get aroundanti-corruption legislation. The golden rule then seems to be, “Don’t getcaught”. This underlines Ron Berenbeim’s assertion that if you do have ananti-corruption compliance procedure, you had better make sure it’s wellsupervised. – Nigeria, 90th and last nation on the list, scores 1.2,making it the most dishonest country. Companies that do business overseas need to be aware thatemployees who pay bribes to secure contracts could land not only themselves butalso their companies in court. However, part of the problem with this is thatcultural differences mean what you may regard as a bribe others may regard as agift. Ron Berenbeim of the Conference Board, a global business think-tank basedin New York, has studied these differences. From the Shell perspective, the answer to all thesequestions is a firm “no”. Comments are closed. The African continent – like Japan – has a tradition of giftgiving, and corruption here has evolved in highly sophisticated ways. “Towin a contract you may find you have to make a donation to a foundation thatdoes excellent community work,” says Berenbeim. “But you may findthat there are a lot of highly paid people on the payroll with no apparentfunction, and the work the foundation does helps prop up the politicalsystem.” To bribe or not to bribe Here is a scenario Shell presents to its senior managers: – The International Chamber of Commerce at  has links to documents on corruption and has produced a manual foremployees. If your company exports to China, the name Wu Yubo may befamiliar. A top customs agent in the port city of Xiamen, he made sure nothingwas off-loaded without his palm being greased first. But not any more – inFebruary Yobu was executed for taking bribes. While few nations advocateexecution for those found guilty, the practice of corruption is becomingincreasingly frowned upon around the world. – Is it acceptable, given the great importance of winningthe concession, to honour this request? – Close to the bottom of the table, with scores ranging from1.3 to 2.1 are Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Angola, Cameroon, Russia andKenya. To protect your company from becoming embroiled incorruption and bribery, Ron Berenbeim recommends setting up what he calls a”compliance culture”. The first step is high-level commitment fromthe CEO and other senior executives who are seen to back anti-corruptionmeasures. Next, the company has to clearly state exactly where it stands andmake sure that all staff, joint venture partners and suppliers know about this.Discussion and training are vital. Third, the implementation of anti-corruptionprocedures must be supervised and properly resourced. Finally, compliancecertification is essential. Larysa Denysenko, of anti-corruption campaign groupTransparency International, is a lawyer fighting the problem in the Ukraine.She believes the state is inextricably linked to corruption and warns that newpermits and licences are invented literally every month as corrupt officialsthink up new ways to extract cash from businesses. “Corruption pervadesall levels of state power,” she says. – Information about the fight against corruption can befound at Transparency International’s Website at Filling in a compliance form tends to focus the mind of anemployee who might otherwise be tempted to offer or take a bribe. And althoughunpopular with employees, whistle-blowing hotlines are another useful measure. – The Philippines scores just 2.8, joint 69th with India inhonesty, and Vietnam comes in at 2.5, making it joint 76th with Tanzania. “It’s not as simple as saying they do it this way inAsia and this way in Africa,” he says. “Often, you’ll find manydifferent practices in a single region. Take Asia for example. In Indonesia,it’s all quite open and if you pay a bribe you’ll even get a receipt. But inSingapore, they’ve worked very hard to eradicate corruption. And in Japan, it’sdifferent again. There is a tradition of lavish gift giving, which can beextremely confusing – where it ends, how far you should go, nobody knows.Fortunately, the Japanese are in the process of codifying this right now. Shell has set a standard for them to follow by publiclydiscussing the problem of corruption and equipping executives to deal withit.  “Shell companies insist onhonesty, integrity and fairness in all aspects of their business and expect thesame in their relationships with all those with whom they do business,”says Shell’s London-based spokeswoman Cerris Tavinor. “Direct or indirectoffer, payment, soliciting and acceptance of bribes in any form areunacceptable practices. – Is the fact your competitor has fewer scruples a goodreason to go ahead and find a way of satisfying the president’s wishes?last_img read more

Indiana National Guard assists with testing projects

first_img Indiana National Guard assists with testing projects Twitter By Tommie Lee – April 30, 2020 0 292 Previous articleTuesday’s election in Michigan will have some differencesNext articleUpdate: Silver Alert issued for missing 29-year-old Elkhart man canceled Tommie Lee Pinterest Google+ Twitter Google+ CoronavirusIndianaLocalNewsSouth Bend Market WhatsApp Indiana National Guardsmen, local law enforcement and civilian personnel, partner together to conduct COVID-19 testing throughout north east Indiana on April 27, 2020. (Photo by Cpl. Hannah Clifton) The Indiana National Guard is providing troops to help 18 COVID-19 study sites around the state.State Department of Health officials were given a helping hand from soldiers and airmen at new test sites as April came to a close during the pandemic. The assist was part of an initiative by Governor Holcomb and Indiana University’s School of Public Health aimed at studying the spread of the virus around the state.10,000 random Hoosiers from around the state were invited to take part in the study and receive testing. State agencies are confident that the data collected at the sites will help flatten the curve and defeat the virus. Facebook Pinterest WhatsApp Facebooklast_img read more

Two people arrested on drug-related charges after traffic stop on State Road 2

first_img (Photo supplied/LaPorte County Jail) Another traffic stop ended with the discovery of drugs and arrests.It happened earlier this week of State Road 2 in LaPorte County.A sheriff’s deputy observed a vehicle following another vehicle too closely, changing lanes and committing other infractions. A K-9 sniffed out narcotics and paraphernalia.Police arrested Jermaine Young, 37, of Harvey, Illinois, and Chelsey Smith, 26, of Anderson. IndianaLocalNews Pinterest Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Google+ WhatsApp Previous articleIU Health, Lyft providing free rides to COVID vaccine appointmentsNext articleWinning Hoosier Lottery ticket valued around $545K sold in South Bend Jon ZimneyJon Zimney is the News and Programming Director for News/Talk 95.3 Michiana’s News Channel and host of the Fries With That podcast. Follow him on Twitter @jzimney. Two people arrested on drug-related charges after traffic stop on State Road 2 By Jon Zimney – March 19, 2021 0 342 Facebook WhatsApp Twitterlast_img read more

Press release: Generating Stations: TEES Combined Cycle Power Plant given development consent

first_imgThe application for the TEES CCPP generating station has been given development consent by the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.Development consent has been given to construct a development consisting of a gas fired combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power station with a maximum generating capacity of up to 1,700 MWe (Tbc). The project will utilise existing Gas and National Grid connections on the site of the former Teesside Power Station; Greystone Road, Grangetown, Middlesbrough, TS6 8JF.The application was submitted to the Planning Inspectorate for consideration by Sembcorp Utilities (UK) Limited on the 22 November 2017 and accepted for examination on 18 December 2017. Following an examination during which the public, statutory consultees and interested parties were given the opportunity to give evidence to the Examining Authority, a recommendation was made to the Secretary of State on 10 January 2019.The Planning Inspectorate is committed to giving local communities the opportunity of being involved in the examination of projects that may affect them. Local people, the local authority and other interested parties were able to participate in the six month long examination. The Examining Authority listened and gave full consideration to local views before making their recommendation.The Planning Inspectorate’s Chief Executive, Sarah Richards said:“The Planning Inspectorate has again demonstrated its ability to examine nationally significant infrastructure projects (NSIPs) within timescales laid down in the Planning Act 2008.”“This provides developers and investors with the confidence to build and improve the infrastructure this country needs to secure future economic growth.”The decision announced today supports the recommendation made by the Planning Inspectorate. It is the third major project to be approved this year following the development consent orders granted for Tilbury 2, a new port facility to be built at the Port of Tilbury, and Millbrook Power, a gas fired power station proposed in Bedfordshire.The decision, the recommendation made by the Examining Authority to the Secretary of State and the evidence considered by the Examining Authority in reaching its recommendation is publicly available on the National Infrastructure Planning website.ENDSJournalists wanting further information should contact the PlanningInspectorate Press Office, on: 0303 444 5004 or 0303 444 5005 or email:[email protected] to editors:The Planning Inspectorate, National Infrastructure Programme of Projects details the proposals which are anticipated to be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate as applications in the coming months. It can be viewed at read more

Kendrick Lamar, LCD Soundsystem, Foo Fighters, & More Top 2017 Voodoo Lineup

first_imgVoodoo Music + Arts Experience is a musical gumbo stirring together music, art, community, cuisine and all the mystery and adventure that Halloween weekend in New Orleans conjures up. With more than 65 bands over three days, Voodoo is more than just a festival – it is a complete experience. This year’s experience is going down at City Park from October 27-29, with headliners Kendrick Lamar, Foo Fighters, The Killers, LCD Soundsystem, and DJ Snake. The genre-spanning lineup continues with Galantis, Dillon Francis, Brand New, The Head and the Heart, Kehlani, Post Malone, Miguel, RL Grime, Prophets of Rage, Cold War Kids, Crystal Castles, Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires, Louis The Child, Whitney, Autograf, Joyryde, Boombox Cartel, and dozens more.This year’s musical offerings will surely attract the masses, as there’s truly something for everyone. In addition to satisfying earbuds, New Orleans food gives the stage to some of the tastiest indigenous flavors around. Everything is fresh and made by some of the top chefs in town. There will also be interactive and immersive large-scale art installations across the festival grounds of City Park, including the Brew Dat Beer Hall, a handcrafted shopping experience at the Market Place, and more.Don’t miss out on the chance to experience New Orleans in its freakiest colors. Learn more about the festival experience and ticketing options here. For a taste of Voodoo, check out last year’s recap movie below.See below for the full lineup:[cover photo from Voodoo Facebook]last_img read more

Peanut Surprise.

first_imgIf a current forecast holds true, Georgia farmers will producemore peanuts this year than last year. Considering drought hasdominated the state for three straight years, the crop this seasonhas turned into a pleasant surprise.According to the Georgia Agricultural Statistics Service, peanutproduction for Georgia is forecast at 1.42 billion pounds. Thisis 8 percent more than an earlier prediction for the state,and 1 percent better than the crop last year.”I was quite surprised that the estimate jumped that much,”said John Beasley, a University of Georgia Extension Service agronomist.2,800 Pounds per AcreFarmers are expected to yield about 2,800 pounds per acre. Thisis 200 pounds more than last month’s forecast and 225 pounds morethan the 1999 yield.Looking back over the growing season, Beasley said this type ofproduction year seemed unbelievable.”Considering the way this year started out with drought andall the problems we were having and even though we got timelyrains in August and September, we were still way behind on rainfall,”Beasley said.Problems, ProblemsGrowers not only battled weather this season. They also had todeal with weed pressure, the plant-crippling Tomato Spotted WiltVirus and other yield-reducing diseases.Though the timely rains kept the crop from going downhill formany growers, Beasley said, some farmers were not able to combatthe extreme weather and had to abandon some fields.”But overall, as we continued through harvest it seemed everybodywas pleased with their total production,” he said. “Andthe quality (of the crop) has been excellent. We’re a lot betterthan average on quality this year.”Finally, Good WeatherWeather conditions favored the farmers getting into their fieldsand getting out the crop.”Harvest conditions were excellent: clear, breezy and withlow humidity,” he said. September rains hurt some peanutsready for harvest, but for the most part, improved the peanutsstill maturing.”We’d love to get back to the 3,200 (pounds per acre)we made in 1985. But if you told the farmers at the start of thisseason that with the drought and all the problems we were having we’d be making 2,800 (pounds per acre), they’d have thought you were crazy,” Beasley said. “It was a surprisingly good year.” Photo: Dan Rahn The peanut combines finished their dusty harvest in November in Georgia. The final numbers aren’t in, but farmers are giving thanks for a better crop than they expected.last_img read more

Lawyers in the Legislature

first_imgBenson enjoys bipartisan praise Gary Blankenship Senior Editor Ask Rep. Holly Benson, R-Pensacola, if she’s been sailing lately, and she’ll give a rueful and wistful laugh. She notes the questioner must be reading her member page on the Florida House of Representatives Web site which, among other things, lists her hobbies as guitar playing and sailing.But that information was posted “back when I had time to have hobbies,” Benson said.A check of her legislative activities shows why the municipal bond lawyer from the western Panhandle has little leisure time. First elected in 2000, in her second term she was appointed chair of the special House committee that oversaw the transition of funding from county to the state for trial courts to carry out a constitutional amendment passed by voters in 1998.That intense two-year effort, stretching over the 2003-04 sessions involved balancing the needs of judges, lawyers, clerks, public defenders, state attorneys, and court users amidst the normal partisan pressures of the legislature.Benson poured herself into the job, at the end winning praise from Republicans, Democrats, and all the other players for her fairness, mastery of the details, and efficacy of the final plan — worked out with the Senate — for making the funding transition.Benson credits the help of others for the success.“The nice thing is we have incredible members and incredible staff and if you do your homework and ask the right questions, you can find creative solutions to problems,” she said.With the Article V funding, everyone had the same goal, she added.“Florida has an incredible court system that is the envy of other states and it was a wonderful opportunity to work with all sorts of people to make the courts work,” Benson said. “We shared a common goal of preserving this outstanding court system and, with any luck, enhancing it. And so we worked together to do that.”Since that undertaking, Benson has also played leading roles in procurement reform for the state and this year’s Medicaid reform that will use HMOs to try to reduce costs for the state while maintaining quality.Benson’s work in the legislature has been widely praised. Her work on the Article V funding earned her a special recognition award from the Florida Conference of Circuit Court Judges, as well as plaudits from the Florida Association of Counties and the Florida Association of Court Clerks/Comptrollers. She has also received several awards from business and medically-related groups.Despite recent accomplishments, challenges will persist for the state, both generally and specifically for the legal system.“Florida continues to have unprecedented growth and we will continue to be pressed to meet the needs of all these Floridians,” Benson said.She noted there have been conflicts between the courts and lawmakers, and expects those may continue but also expects those frictions don’t have to have a negative impact on either branch of government.“The court system will continue to evolve to meet the very diverse needs of our state that range from all sorts of societal pressures. In Miami Dade, they’re expected to be able to interpret 85 languages on any given day. You have the mentally ill who continue to clog our jails and court system on any given day,” Benson said.As for relations between the courts and lawmakers, she noted that “[Bar President] Alan Bookman is a constituent and we’re going to work on that. Chief Justice [Barbara] Pariente has done an outstanding job of continuing to build legislative-judicial relations.“We all believe in checks and balances but we will continue to play important roles in developing good policies for the people of Florida,” Benson added.She said her legal training was good preparation for legislative work. Benson has filed for a fourth term, which will be her last under the state’s term limit provisions. And plans after her House service? “Right now, to be a bond lawyer,” she said.Benson is an advocate for other lawyers to get involved in the legislature.“Having a law degree is a real asset in interpreting bills quickly,” she said. “I have been consistently impressed by the caliber of lawyers with whom I serve.”And for lawyers who might be considering a run, Benson had this advice: “Serving in the legislature is one of the most meaningful things you will ever do.” Kottkamp follows Lincoln’s lead Jan Pudlow Senior Editor Growing up in Indiana and hearing all those stories about Abraham Lincoln’s boyhood in the Hoosier state left its mark on Jeff Kottkamp.“It left an impression on me since I was five that I not only wanted to be a lawyer, but I wanted to be in public service,” said Kottkamp, a personal injury lawyer in Ft. Myers who has been a state representative since he was elected in 2000.“I was one of those children that when the others wanted to go out to play, I wondered what we were going to do in Congress.”Now that 45-year-old Kottkamp, R-Cape Coral, is chair of the House Judiciary Appropriations Committee, he is focused on funding the full 66 judges the Florida Supreme Court has certified the state needs.“For several years, we didn’t create any new judges. The phrase ‘justice delayed is justice denied’ rings true for many people. The backlog is making it harder and harder for judges to get cases to trial. It is important to fully fund the need for judges,” Kottkamp said.“Along those lines, in doing so, it’s important to send the message that the legislature has the proper view of the judiciary, which is that it is a branch of government and not a state agency.”For Kottkamp, it doesn’t matter whether those new judges are elected or appointed. He just wants to make sure the legislature funds the positions this session.Another important issue on the radar screen for lawyers in the civil arena, Kottkamp said, is joint and several liability.“One approach may be what was attempted last year, which is outright repeal. That approach has very little support in the Senate. I cannot possibly say how that will come out. This is a typical issue where term limits come into play because you have all of these legislators not in office when the legislature took up joint and several liability the last time, in the late ’80s,” Kottkamp said.“way of background, what everyone points to as the poster child of the problem was a case in the mid-’80s when Disney World was found 1 percent at fault, but because no one else in the case had any money ended up paying the whole 100 percent. The legislature stepped in and said, ‘Someone with one percent fault can never be found 100 percent liable.’ They fixed the problem in the late ’80s. But a lot of legislators don’t know that.“That’s one of those things where you have to work hard in educating legislators on the full spectrum. And that’s why it is important for lawyers to run for office. Other legislators know you practice law and rely on you in many respects to explain the law,” Kottkamp said, just as he relies on Rep. Paige Kreegel, R-Punta Gorda, a doctor, when he needs insight on medical issues.A graduate of the University of Florida College of Law, Kottkamp clerked for two “brilliant” federal judges, the late Sidney Aronovitz, father of former Bar President Tod Aronovitz, and Joe Eaton, a senior judge in the Southern District of Florida.Kottkamp said his career as a lawyer-legislator is “incredibly rewarding and fulfilling” because “every day is different and exciting, and I get to do some neat things.”One thing he is especially proud of is working with Attorney General Charlie Crist on passing a civil rights bill in 2003, which Kottkamp said “will make a lasting impression on people’s lives.”Kottkamp served on the Bar’s Journal and News Editorial Board, and was president of the Lee County Bar Association in 1998.Those experiences, he said, gave him “an important view of everything that the Bar does beyond the day-to-day practice.”The legislature needs more lawyers, he said.“If other attorneys in the state are considering public service, I would strongly encourage it. A legal education and experience from the practice of law is a tremendous benefit to be able to sort through the incredibly complex issues.”He serves on the Lee County Republican Executive Committee and is a member of the Sanibel-Captiva Republican Club.Kottkamp is also affiliated with the Christian Chamber of Commerce of Southwest Florida.Among his awards are The Florida Bar “President’s Legislative Award” in 2004, the Christian Coalition of Florida’s 2004 “Faith and Family Award,” and the Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers “Legislative Leadership Award” in 2005.In 2004, he was honored by the Florida Supreme Court Trial Court Budget Commission for “exceptional service to the trial courts of Florida during the transition to state funding mandated by Revision 7 to the Florida Constitution.”He is married to Cyndie Kottkamp, and they have one son, Jackson. February 1, 2006 Regular Newscenter_img Lawyers in the Legislaturelast_img read more

3 money saving tips that will make life easier

first_img 48SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,John Pettit John Pettit is the Managing Editor for John manages the content on the site, including current news, editorial, press releases, jobs and events. He keeps the credit union … Web: Details We’re all busy and life can be pretty crazy. Juggling a personal life and a career can be quite stressful and at times, expensive. Here are a few ways you can save money and make your life easier…Automate when you can: Keeping up with all of your financial responsibilities can be a hassle. To make this process easier, create a budget, stick to it, and automate as many payments as you can. When you don’t have to think about bills and savings accounts, it’s a lot less stress in your life, plus you won’t have to worry about late fees and missed payments.Sell your junk: How much of your stuff is really just junk? Getting rid of the clutter in your life can bring you peace and put a few extra dollars in your pocket. Have a garage sale, and take whatever doesn’t sell to a local Goodwill.Be less busy: Are you running yourself to death going from baseball to soccer to cheerleading to ballet? Figure out what’s important to your family and cut out the stuff that doesn’t really matter. If your kid secretly hates soccer, be done with it! Being on-the-go less means being at home more and spending less money.last_img read more

2-day CUAC meeting features remittance, debt collection talks

first_imgCUNA attended the two-day meeting of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) Credit Union Advisory Council Wednesday and Thursday. The CUAC advises the bureau on regulating consumer financial products or services, from the perspectives of credit unions and is comprised solely of CUNA member credit unions.The first day included a discussion of faster payments, remittances and the CFPB’s “Start Small, Save Up” initiative, a financial education initiative to encourage savings.The CFPB recently issued a request for information on remittances, and the CUAC provided feedback during the meeting on how the current rule has impacted member service and offered recommendations to improve the rule.CUNA supports raising the “normal course of business” threshold in the rule to 1,000 remittances per year. Comments are due to the CFPB June 28. continue reading » ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more