Fish are playing Street Fighter II against each other on Twitch

first_imgAfter the insanely successful internet experiment Twitch Plays Pokémon — wherein anyone on the internet could vote on every button press in a game of Pokémon — a parody project, Fish Plays Pokémon was born. Instead of being a fun and telling social experiment, it was meant to be a silly parody. The fish didn’t — and still hasn’t — made it very far. Once the freshness of the joke wore off, so did the Twitch channel’s viewership. Now, everyone has moved on to Fish Plays Street Fighter, wherein two fish in a bowl are going head-to-head in matches of Street Fighter II Turbo.This time around, two fish share a tank that has been broken up into nine quadrants, with each quadrant corresponding to an in-game button press.In order for the rig to work, a webcam is aimed at the fish tank, and color detection recognizes the button-swims thanks to a bit of custom code.The fish are able to send multiple button-presses at once so long as they happen to be in two quadrants right when the check is made. However, in order to allow for the possibility of combos and something more than basic attacks, movement input is evaluated first.As opposed to Fish Plays Pokémon, the two fish playing Street Fighter actually make in-game progress. You likely won’t see competitive combos or even a single Hadouken, but you will see characters kick and punch each other until the match is over. You’ll also be witness to a lot of jumping and ducking in the same spot over and over, and the characters aimlessly backing themselves into corners. When the fish are active, at least, the matches don’t take too long.last_img read more