Make your own long range WiFi antenna from a coffee can

first_imgIf you’re already bored by your summer (or are looking for something to occupy your kids with), then take a look at this long-range WiFi antenna that was created out of an Illy coffee can. Taking only a few hours to build, a gentleman by the name of Jon Graham-Cumming built this Macguyver-esque device by using parts that are readily available in any geek’s home and local Radio Shack.To recreate this antenna yourself you will need a type N Bulkhead socket and plug, an electric drill, a piece of metal from a coathanger and a WiFi extension cable. Of course, you will also need a metal coffee can to make the whole thing work.By drilling five small holes and affixing a soldered portion of the coathanger to the bulkhead socket, Graham-Cumming was able to create a directional antenna chamber that drastically improved his signal-to-noise ratio from far off access points. In his testing he was able to pick up a strong signal from a hotel that is a quarter-mile from his home and connect to its guest network successfully. Whereas before he started using his coffee can creation he was only able to pick up about 58 different access points, 97 became visible with the farthest away being the aforementioned hotel. He reported that the signal from some of the known access points in his area reported a signal improvement between 3 and 9dB, which is impressive indeed. All done for a cost that is under $30 and an hour of time.That’s certainly a better price tag compared to some of the retail boosting antennas available on the market these days, plus it’s way more fun to create one yourself.We’ve seen projects done like this using Pringles cans, but this seem like a much better alternative. Plus who wouldn’t prefer coffee to chips?You can read more about the coffee can antenna at Graham-Cumming’s site.last_img read more