Pathologist takes to witness stand

first_imgFive Star Backdam killingGovernment Pathologist Dr Nehaul Singh appeared at the High Court trial of Marlon Marion Freeman on Monday, and testified to having conducted the post-mortem examination on miner Timothy Adams, who was killed at Turtle Creek, Five Star Backdam, North West District (NWD) on December 22, 2013.Adams was killed while en route to a mining camp. Freeman has been accused of killing Adams before stealing his gold following a confrontation between the two. Freeman has, however, denied that he murdered Adams.Murder accused: Marlon FreemanDuring Monday’s trial, led by State Prosecutor Lisa Cave, Dr Singh explained that during the examination he discovered an abrasion to the left side of Adams’ face, a cut to the foot and a cut to the top and back of the head. The expert witness also discovered an incised wound to the neck and determined that a sharp object was used. As such, he gave the cause of death as haemorrhage and shock compounded by blunt force trauma to the head.The testimony of the Government Pathologist correlated with what Police Detective Corporal Bryan James had testified to the jury when he disclosed that he penned the caution statement of the accused, who allegedly admitted to the killing. Corporal James had claimed that the defendant might have killed Adams, because he thought the miner was going to pull a gun after he confronted him over money that was owed to him.Bryan, who administered the caution statement on December 25, 2013 in the presence of then Police Constable Zane Williams, had indicated Freeman saying that he first went to work with his uncle at Five Star Backdam, but after they “got wrong”, he went to work at Gavin Blacks’ mining camp. According to the caution statement, Freeman, a pork-knocker, was promised $5000 a day by Blacks, but after three weeks passed, he was only paid $30,000. He had enquired from Blacks about his money and some time after lunch on the day in question, he bought a “piece of weed” and then saw Adams coming to the camp about 15 minutes later.According to the caution statement, Freeman also enquired of Adams about his money, saying: “Big man, wam to me money?”“I see he go to he waist and I didn’t know if he had a gun or wah, but I had a spoon which I sharpen and I just jook he by he neck and he fall down. After I see he ain’t moving, I get nervous,” the defendant reportedly said. He then left the scene. He also claimed that the gold he later gave a female was not taken from the deceased man, but it was gold that he had in his possession.Presiding Judge James Bovell-Drakes adjourned the matter to Wednesday afternoon when the State’s final witness is expected to testify. Freeman is being represented by defence counsel Folio Richards.last_img read more

If Man United beat Chelsea and Man City to Gareth Bale, will it win them the title?

first_imgRumours persist that Real Madrid forward Gareth Bale could be on his way back to the Premier League this summer, with Manchester United front-runners for the Welshman’s signature ahead of Chelsea and Manchester City.Bale is already one Britain’s best exports to the continent and he’s bagged 28 goals in 54 La Liga appearances, not too mention winning the Copa del Rey and Champions League in his first season at the Bernabeu – scoring in both finals.Nonetheless, the former Spurs man has come under criticism from Madrid fans – with many accusing him of failing to pass – and reports continue that he could leave the Spanish capital sooner rather than later.If Bale moves this summer – which is by no means guaranteed – will he win the league for his English club next season? talkSPORT takes a look… 4 Rumours persist that Real Madrid forward Gareth Bale could be on his back to the Premier League this summer, with Manchester United reportedly front-runners for the Welshman’s signature ahead of Chelsea and Manchester City. ChelseaIf Bale signs for Chelsea, Chelsea retain the title which they look odds-on favourites to win.In partnership with Eden Hazard – favourite for PFA Player of the Year – Jose Mourinho’s side would be close to unstoppable.The Blues also hold a potential bargaining chip in Petr Cech – the Czech likely to leave Stamford Bridge at the end of the season – and Madrid may be equally interested in him and for less than half of De Gea’s price.Some may argue Bale’s arrival at Chelsea could unsettle the balance of the squad, but with Juan Cuadrado still to settle and Oscar linked with a move away, Bale could be the missing piece of the Mourinho jigsaw to catapult the Blues to domestic and European domination. Manchester UnitedThe Red Devils are favourites to sign Bale and they hold the trump card in Spain goalkeeper David De Gea, who remains a long-term target for the Spanish giants.De Gea has been United’s best player this season and he was rewarded earlier this week with nominations to both PFA Player and Young Player of the Year Awards.The Spaniard is a firm fan favourite, but United have former Barcelona man Victor Valdes – winner of six La Liga titles and three Champions Leagues – and at just 33, Valdes still has three, possibly four years left at the top.Using De Gea as part of a deal could bring Bale to Old Trafford and if he does it puts the Red Devils in pole position for their first championship of the post-Ferguson era.When Sir Alex went all out for Robin van Persie back in 2012 he knew the Dutchman was the missing cog for another league title and he was right, Van Persie won United the league that season.Bale can define the Premier League title race and he would be the key man, the player who takes Louis van Gaal’s side to another level, in a way he cannot do at Madrid because of Cristiano Ronaldo. 4 4 4 Manchester CityWhen United beat City to the signature of van Persie, the then boss Roberto Mancini knew the impact the Dutchman would have at Old Trafford, and he was right.Similarly, City – who have the oldest average squad in the league – need new blood to take the club forward.Boss Manuel Pellegrini is under pressure after a lacklustre campaign but Bale would be just the signing to reignite the blue half of Manchester.A lot would depend on City confirming their Champions League qualification – which is not guaranteed – and Financial Fair Play would require the Citizens to move a few on, potentially Yaya Toure, to pursue a deal.Ultimately, Gareth Bale may not move this summer but all indicators suggest the Welshman will return to the Premier League in the future. If he did, where do you think he will end up and will he win them the title? Comment below…last_img read more

Study offers possibility of squelching a focal epilepsy seizure before symptoms appear

first_img Source: Aug 17 2018Patients with focal epilepsy that does not respond to medications badly need alternative treatments.In a first-in-humans pilot study, researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham have identified a sentinel area of the brain that may give an early warning before clinical seizure manifestations appear. They have also validated an algorithm that can automatically detect that early warning.These two findings offer the possibility of squelching a focal epilepsy seizure — before the patient feels any symptoms — through neurostimulation of the sentinel area of the brain. This is somewhat akin to the way an implantable defibrillator in the heart can staunch heart arrhythmias before they injure the heart.In the pilot study, three epilepsy patients undergoing brain surgery to map the source of their focal epilepsy seizures also gave consent to add an investigational aspect to their planned surgeries.As neurosurgeons inserted long, thin, needle-like electrodes into the brain to map the location of the electrical storm that initiates an epileptic seizure, they also carefully positioned the electrodes to add one more task — simultaneously record the electrical activity at the anterior nucleus of the thalamus.The thalamus is a structure sitting deep in the brain that is well connected with other parts of the brain. The thalamus controls sleep and wakefulness, so it often is called the “pacemaker” of the brain. Importantly, preclinical studies have shown that focal sources of seizures in the cortex can recruit other parts of the brain to help generate a seizure. One of these recruited areas is the anterior thalamic nucleus.The UAB team led by Sandipan Pati, M.D., assistant professor of neurology, found that nearly all of the epileptic seizures detected in the three patients — which began in focal areas of the cortex outside of the thalamus — also recruited seizure-like electrical activity in the anterior thalamic nucleus after a very short time lag. Importantly, both of these initial electrical activities appeared before any clinical manifestations of the seizures.Related StoriesAn active brain and body associated with reduced risk of dementiaResearchers measure EEG-based brain responses for non-speech and speech sounds in childrenMercy Medical Center adds O-arm imaging system to improve spinal surgery resultsThe UAB researchers also used electroencelphalography, or EEG, brain recordings from the patients to develop and validate an algorithm that was able to automatically detect initiation of that seizure-like electrical activity in the anterior thalamic nucleus.”This exciting finding opens up an avenue to develop brain stimulation therapy that can alter activities in the cortex by stimulating the thalamus in response to a seizure,” Pati said. “Neurostimulation of the thalamus, instead of the cortex, would avoid interference with cognition, in particular, memory.””In epilepsy, different aspects of memory go down,” Pati explained. “Particularly long-term memory, like remembering names, or remembering events. The common cause is that epilepsy affects the hippocampus, the structure that is the brain’s memory box.”Pati said these first three patients were a feasibility study, and none of the patients had complications from their surgeries. The UAB team is now extending the study to another dozen patients to confirm the findings.”Hopefully, after the bigger group is done, we can consider stimulating the thalamus,” Pati said. That next step would have the goals of improved control of seizures and improved cognition, vigilance and memory for patients.For epilepsy patients where medications have failed, the surgery to map the source of focal seizures is a prelude to two current treatment options — epilepsy surgery to remove part of the brain or continuous, deep-brain stimulation. If the UAB research is successful, deep brain stimulation would be given automatically, only as the seizure initiates, and it would be targeted at the thalamus, where the stimulation might interfere less with memory.last_img read more