Dominican First Wireless Ultrasound-Guided Nephrostomy Done by Chinese Medical Team

first_imgLifestyleLocalNews Dominican First Wireless Ultrasound-Guided Nephrostomy Done by Chinese Medical Team by: – April 28, 2020 Sharing is caring! Tweet (Chinese Embassy) Dominica’s first wireless ultrasound-guided nephrostomy surgery was successfully completed in China-Dominican Friendship Hospital on April 15th, 2020.This is one of a series of minimally invasive surgery performed by the Chinese Medical Team after setting up the urology specialist outpatient clinic in the China-Dominican Friendship Hospital.Other minimally invasive procedures have been performed including the first transurethral bladder lithotripsy, transurethral resection of bladder tumors, minimally invasive suprapubic cystostomy, transurethral resection of urethral stricture, transurethral resection of the prostate, ureteroscope lithotripsy, laparoscopic kidney surgery, etc. Local patients with urinary diseases have received standardized and effective minimally invasive treatment.Dominica has never had a urology specialty, ward or surgery. The arrival of urology specialists from the Chinese medical team in June 2018 opened a new history of Dominica urology specialty. Since then, Dominica has urology specialty, wards and a series of minimally invasive surgery. Especially in March this year, the National Health Commission of China donated two sets of portable ultrasound and advanced puncture guidance and other complete equipment for renal puncture and fistula, which provided extremely favorable conditions for the implementation of minimally invasive surgery projects. The urologist directly carries a small wireless ultrasound for bedside examination and training, which solves the problem that patients have to wait for a long time to make an ultrasound examination in the past. Many urinary problems can be diagnosed immediately. Accurate ultrasound-guided cystostomy has also been successfully carried out.An 80-year-old prostate cancer patient who underwent the first ultrasound-guided kidney calyx puncture and nephrostomy had no urine came out from his suprapubic catheter. The casualty doctor considered that the catheter was obstructed and replace the suprapubic catheter, but it didn’t make a difference and turned to urology specialists. With the help of the portable wireless ultrasound it was confirmed that the suprapubic catheter was located in the bladder properly, and there was not much urine. The catheter was unobstructed, and the bilateral renal ultrasound was quickly performed.Hydronephrosis was found in both kidneys because the prostate cancer caused bilateral ureters obstruction. At that time, it was during the severe period of the new coronavirus. The patient was a senior with poor general physical health and Chinese doctors recommended that he go home and take oral anti-tumor drugs after emergency treatment. At this time, the wireless B-ultrasound combined with the puncture frame immediately played a role. After simple disinfection and towel placement, ultrasound guided precise puncture into the target renal calyx. Clear urine was extracted and the nephrostomy was successful. The patient’s obstruction problem was resolved immediately.Dominica has a high incidence of prostate cancer, and hydronephrosis caused by prostate cancer or other pelvic and abdominal tumors is very common. Percutaneous renal calyx puncture and nephrostomy is an effective method for solving hydronephrosis caused by urinary tract obstruction and rapidly improving renal function in most cases, which is equivalent to the effect of a hemodialysis machine. Sharecenter_img 100 Views   no discussions Share Sharelast_img read more