Resources from CUNA and the Leagues for COVID-19

first_imgThe COVID-19 pandemic has credit unions doing exactly what credit unions were built for: people helping people. To help you manage the challenges of this pandemic and its impact, CUNA and the Leagues have developed a COVID-19 Response Center as a centralized hub of current resources, tools and information available to your credit union. COVID-19 Resource Overview:Our COVID-19 Response Center gives you access to a range of free information, tools, and training on pandemic response, economic impact, compliance, and Small Business Authority PPP lending.CUNA News – Follow stories on how credit unions are stepping up to help their members and communities, how they are shifting operations and what they are doing to cope. CUNA Communities – Connect with peers in your field through CUNA Communities, including CUNA Compliance, CUNA Small Credit Union and CUNA Councils communities to get your questions answered and find solutions to your pressing issues. Credit Union Business Resources – Discover checklists, templates, podcasts, platforms and more for support to get through your to-do list. External Communications Resources – Access to external communication best practices, customizable member communication templates, a sample local media pitch and more to keep your members informed. Additional Resources – While you search for credit union-focused solutions available through CUNA, you’ll also have quick access to League resources, industry regulatory resources and key public health resources, including the CDC, WHO and OSHA. “There’s so much to think about, and the landscape is changing fast,” says Greg Michlig, Chief Engagement Officer at CUNA. “The CUNA/League COVID-19 Response Center centralizes credit union information, tools and insights. We’re updating it daily with new resources.”How has your credit union responded? Please take a moment to tell us so we can share the good ideas and best practices that are being implemented at credit unions across the nation. Your participation will also help us highlight the credit union difference as we continue advocating for pro-credit union legislation. Share your information in our survey.  1SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Governor Wolf Remarks on Rejecting Republican Cut to Education; Releasing Emergency Funding

first_imgLike Governor Tom Wolf on Facebook: the press release on rejecting the Republican plan to cut education.Check out the Twitter Collection of the announcement.BUDGET ANNOUNCEMENT 12/29 Governor Wolf Remarks on Rejecting Republican Cut to Education; Releasing Emergency Funding December 29, 2015 Budget News,  Remarks,  Videos Governor’s Reception RoomHarrisburg, PATRANSCRIPT:I am going to exercise my constitutional right to line item veto this ridiculous exercise in budget futility. I’m calling on our legislators to get back to Harrisburg – back to the work they left unfinished last week. In the meantime I’m vetoing their $95 million cut to education. I’m also vetoing other items that they don’t pay for.At the same time, I’m allowing emergency funding for our schools to get out. I’m also letting funding go out to our human service agencies and to our counties. But this is on an emergency basis only.In doing this, I’m expressing the outrage that all of us should feel about the garbage the Republican legislative leaders have tried to dump on us. This budget is wrong for Pennsylvania. And our legislators – the folks we elected to serve us – need to own up to this. They need to do their jobs. This budget is wrong for so many reasons.First, it doesn’t balance. Even with the numbers presented to me by the Republicans before they ran out of town just before the Christmas holiday. This budget doesn’t add up. In fact it leaves a half a billion dollar hole for this year (2015-16). And a $2 billion hole for next year.There’s a reason why the outside rating agencies have downgraded our debt. They’re telling the world what our legislators want to ignore. Our fiscal house is a mess.Second, this pretend budget doesn’t make the investments a prudent state government should make, in things like education.This exercise in stupidity actually cuts education funding by $95 million compared to the draconian Corbett budgets. It does add a modest amount in basic education funding, but then it takes out over $300 million to be used for school construction.By the way, before they left town, our legislators also neglected to provide any funding for Penn State, University of Pittsburgh, Lincoln University, Temple, Penn School of Veterinary Science. The budget they concocted doesn’t have enough revenue to leave any room for doing anything to increase funding for our state universities over 2014-15 levels.This budget is doubly frustrating because we were so close to a reasonable one. I had worked patiently and persistently with Republican leaders over the past many months to agree on a compromise budget.That compromise budget was in balance. That compromise budget invested in our kids and our schools. That compromise budget also included historic pension reform and historic liquor reform. That compromise budget actually passed the Republican dominated Senate by a vote of 43-7. And it passed the House on a number of preliminary votes.Then, before the final vote, the Republican House leaders told their members to go home. I get it that everyone is tired of this stalemate But we were almost there. And this makes what they did all that much more unconscionable. They simply left town before finishing their jobs.They can deny what they did. They can try to justify what they did. They can throw around all the political nonsense they want, but the fact remains. They ran off – pretty quickly at that – before they finished their job. And they left us with a real holiday mess. Let’s not kid ourselves; we still need a budget.We need one that actually adds up, this year and next. We need one that fully funds the needs of our schools. We need one that really covers the cost of our state. We need to pass the budget that the Senate and House passed – Senate Bill 1073. And that I’m ready to sign.If we don’t get this right, we will face massive cuts to education and human services next year. And we’ll see huge increases in local taxes and massive additional cuts to our local schools. Remember 2011? We need to get this right.So, to the legislators elected to do the people’s business: let’s get back to work. Let’s get back to the work the people of Pennsylvania sent you here to do. Let’s get back to work to finish the job you almost finished last week. SHARE Email Facebook Twitterlast_img read more

Rooney rejects claims about Twitter page

first_img It was confirmed earlier this week that Rooney submitted a transfer request a fortnight ago, which was subsequently rejected by the Old Trafford outfit. On Thursday, it was noted that Rooney no longer had the words Manchester United on his Twitter page, and instead referred to himself as an “athlete”. This was taken as a sign the 27-year-old sees his future away from the Red Devils despite David Moyes’ arrival as manager. Yet Rooney is adamant the stories are wrong, releasing a statement on his website, which read: “There’s a load of rubbish being written about me changing twitter bio saying I have deleted Manchester United from it.” Wayne Rooney has rejected claims he removed the name Manchester United from his Twitter homepage, condemning the allegations as “a load of rubbish”. The statement went on: “I have never deleted Manchester United from the bio whatever the papers are saying because it was never on there. “All that happened was that I was asked by Nike to add @nikeuk to it – the same as many other sportspeople they sponsor. Funny, no one’s written about that though! “That change was made THREE weeks ago and yet people are talking about it as if it’s something that was put up yesterday.” Little wonder Rooney is so annoyed, given the sensitivities he is already facing from United fans in Sunday’s Barclays Premier League encounter with Swansea. A relationship that cooled markedly since his high-profile demand to leave in 2010 can only worsen given news of his latest transfer request. A spokesman for Nike confirmed: “In April we asked Wayne Rooney and other Nike-sponsored athletes to add @nikeuk on to their profiles due to changes in ASA guidelines relating to athletes and social media.” center_img Press Associationlast_img read more

Promotion of Para-Badminton, A Suitable Sport for Competition and Recreation for People with Disabilities

first_imgThe para-Olympic committee of B&H and Badminton Association of B&H will organize on Saturday a promotion of para-badminton, a suitable sport for competition and recreation of people with disabilities.This is the first time that B&H promotes badminton as a suitable sport for people with disabilities.The world badminton federation (BWF) organizes and develops para-badminton and a large number of national organizations are engaged in these activities, announced the para-Olympic committee of B&H.The promotion will be organized within the international badminton tournament for recreational players and will be held on 7 December at the sports hall of the Gymnasium Dobrinja. The organizers expect the participation of teams from Slovenia, Croatia, Russia and B&H.(Source: Fena)last_img read more