ATT handset owners might never get copypaste Windows Phone 7 update

first_imgOn Wednesday, Microsoft started pushing the long awaited NoDo update to their Windows Phone 7 operating system to unbranded smartphones in Europe. The update, which features copy-paste and a host of other improvements, is much anticipated by WP7 handset owners around the globe… but if you’re in America, you might have a while to wait before you get your hands on the patch, and it’s possible that AT&T users might never get it.Microsoft has previously hinted that Windows Phone 7 would work more like Android with updates than iOS, which was unwelcome news: it means that carriers are responsible for delivering patches. Carriers of Windows Phone 7 handsets can actually delay updates indefinitely for testing a new update, which means that if they don’t want to release it for any reason, customers on that carrier are screwed.AdChoices广告So where does it stand here in the United States? Well, the good news is that WP7 handset owners on T-Mobile are “scheduling” the NoDo update and customers should have it piped out to their phones over the next ten days. The situation with AT&T is far, far more bleak, though: the NoDo patch is stuck in “testing” for every handset the company sells.Okay, so what? Maybe AT&T’s just being thorough. There’s no reason to think they won’t release NoDo, right? Wrong. AT&T also has the pre-NoDo security patch stuck in testing, where it’s been since it was released in February.This is bad news all around. Just like Android, it appears that carriers will be in control of updating the operating systems on the smartphones on their network, which will just lead to WP7 fragmentation. Worse, T-Mobile customers currently rocking a WP7 handset now have a lot of reason to be wary of their carrier’s new owners.This is a perfect example of why companies shouldn’t be giving carriers a choice when it comes to releasing new versions of their operating systems: when the carriers are given the choice, they almost always opt to delay. Apple’s the only mobile company out there that really seems to have software updates right.Read more at Ars Technicalast_img read more