PlayStation 4 could get a dual camera EyeToy to compete with Kinect

first_imgIf you’re one of the many that sit eagerly awaiting the next generation of gaming consoles, you know that we’re not far from Sony stepping up to the plate and delivering their PlayStation 4. Of all the shiny new features on the way, it looks like one of them will be an all new “dual camera” EyeToy that is ready to take on Microsoft’s Kinect.While you may not have the highest opinion of games that require the Kinect — especially if you’ve tried to play Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor — using the motion control system to navigate the Xbox 360 is great. You can combine gestures with voice commands, and if just want to watch a movie or video chat you never need to touch a controller. The Kinect has helped demonstrate excitement for this style of input, and with the help of companies like Intel the technology is growing at breakneck speed. For these, and many other reasons, it makes perfect sense that Sony would want to go all out with the PS4 and push the EyeToy into the same arena as the Kinect, likely at the expensive of Move’s wand-based control scheme.The PS3 version of the EyeToy was an impressive addition to the console, especially with the recent AR storybook additions. The EyeToy has never been quite as useful as the Kinect, however, and it’s a fact that is constantly pointed out by fans of both the Xbox and the PlayStation. A dual camera EyeToy with microphone inputs would be a good start to creating real competition for Kinect, and it looks like that is the direction Sony is headed. Combine this with news from Netflix that a special, voice-optimized version of their software is currently being tested for the PlayStation, and it’s not hard to see where things could be going.It’s unclear whether or not a new EyeToy will be part of Sony’s February 20 announcement or if the new camera will be an accessory made available later. If Sony expects to use this new EyeToy to compete with Kinect it likely would need to be an operating system-wide accessory, so it would only make sense for it to be made available at launch.The highly rumored, possibly $400 console will certainly be enough to turn heads, and this new EyeToy will be impressive if its true, but it remains to be seen if it will compete with the Kinect 2 on the Xbox 720.More reading: Sony to demo PS4 racing game and FPS on February 20?last_img read more