Microsoft creates the Holoflector takes a step closer to Total Recall

first_imgIf you’ve watched the movie Total Recall, then you’ve probably wondered when body scanners will become that advanced. Well, Microsoft Research hasn’t developed a body scanner, but its latest experiment looks like it could certainly recreate that scene from the movie with a bit more work.The device carries the appropriately futuristic name of Holoflector. It consists of an LCD panel mounted 3-feet behind a translucent mirror large enough for a person to stand in front of. A Kinect motion sensor is also integrated to track people standing in front of it. By combining an LCD and translucent mirror, the user is able to see their own reflection, but also have that augmented by whatever is displayed on the LCD behind the mirror. As Kinect can track your movements, what is rendered to the screen can match what your body does, or highlight objects you are holding. It also works for multiple users, just like Kinect for Xbox 360 allows.Although it’s unlikely anyone will have a mirror and display this large in their home anytime soon, it will certainly be noticed by advertisers. Sticking one of these systems in a mall and having people interacting with an advert, for example, certainly ups the engagement factor. As does a publisher like EA allowing you to become part of a game advert e.g. being the person on the board traveling down an SSX course.The Holoflector is just a prototype unit at the moment, but just like the Illumishare we saw earlier today, it doesn’t actually use any brand new hardware and therefore shouldn’t be too expensive. That translates into an idea that could reach the market in some form quite quickly. Read more at GeekWirelast_img read more