From the picture details determine success or failure to start doing site optimization

technology website A5 friends should be familiar with before, we also take this website as a case to explain how to improve the PR value of the site. We can see from the above, the site from Shanghai love image search traffic is more than 500 IP, accounted for 8% of total traffic. Thus, if a website optimization picture well, then the traffic contribution website is undeniable! As a concern of Internet technology and application of the blog site, the science and technology creative staff at the beginning of the site in the rich text on the website optimization under a lot of effort, here to talk to you about, how we are doing, I hope everyone can give a reference: read more

Don’t ignore the 404 page 404 page how to create a good user experience

if you give a user with a better experience, they will leave. But if you give them some information, can pull them back to your route. You will get a chance to put them in your website, then do you want them to do. Each site is not the case, here are some suggestions to tell you you should put some 404 pages that information and links on your website on

gets the data from 404 of your page page

technically, 404 is a visual code that is communicated by the server to your computer or search engine to request a page. It tells the user that "they are looking for no longer exists. This is a lot of reasons, such as you shift your page or the link error. So let us focus on the user. Many people know what is the 404 error, but also a lot of people do not know. So my advice is to tell them this is a 404 error, and also includes some information, tell users what happened and they want the page no longer exists. read more