The website snapshot can reflect what the problem is

; Since then

4, website down right. If your site is not updated snapshot, and even reverse the signs, this is usually a bad omen, explain your site optimization of a link to have problems, not timely remedy will lead to the right of the site is down

5, love Shanghai adjustment algorithm. Love Shanghai algorithm also means that the adjustment of website optimization way adjustment, each adjustment algorithm and the basic love Shanghai have caused large scale snapshot not update or even go back problems, this usually don’t worry too much about, but should pay attention to understand the new algorithm to love Shanghai and adjust their own website optimization method. read more

The three points of the website


if the site in the domain name, then every day we should statistics new domain names, for example included, for example included the old domain name, simply, as after 301, the old domain name included will gradually decrease, know the weight of all passed, but this time is slow, to ready, but will love Shanghai within a few months time will be the site of almost all of the pages to index a, then the 301 time should be a few months time, so this time can also promote the total jump through 301 attract spiders, to attract the spider crawling is also a good the way. read more

Enhance the work efficiency of several tools Shanghai Longfeng personnel necessary

three, account management – free landing

so the chain resources look at a glance, landing is also very convenient, as long as we are with a click of the mouse you can easily log in, whether a lot of unnecessary time reduced by Q> in addition for us?

network editing tool is simple to use, are not described in detail.

post Dede in the background, often find the notebook edited content inside will appear uneven phenomenon, even word is the same, in order to solve this problem, A5 Tang Shi Junyu as I recommended a network editing tool, still feel quite good, today to share: read more

Foshan Shanghai dragon on keywords strategies and skills

keyword meta tags is the golden key times ranking has gone for ever, but the key technology is still one of the key technologies of the Shanghai dragon well. They just changed the scope of application, Shanghai dragon will no longer put multiple keyword stuffing in the meta tag to get high ranking, but to find those keywords on the business of the most significant, and used to improve site traffic. The keyword is a word or phrase used in the user search related page, search engine is also in an index table to use the word. The choice of keywords is one of the most important task of the Shanghai dragon, but often lack of discussion and research. Without the right keywords, Shanghai Longfeng work will be less effective. read more

How to do site optimization four Homepage Design

two, page title, description, keywords are

, the location of the 1 link: link arrangement determines the location of the link weight distribution, in general, the link near the head and the bottom of the link is the weight of the highest link, especially the head, "leading Phoenix pig stomach" is also used in web page layout, then integrated in keywords you should consider target keywords the location of the target keywords is arranged in a column, or page layout, choose according to their site orientation to read more

How to find the link anchor text sharing experience

has been the anchor text is the most difficult to obtain, some registered forum do not immediately after the signature, but it is more painful that higher weight stations are required to wait for quite a long time to do, such as Chinaz, need to use the gold coins to buy gold coins, light is not enough, also need to go get, because the Chinaz forum management, and basically is the second, is too fire. A5 station is better to spend 10 yuan to settle directly. But behind is not to say, where I was mixed up for almost a month just to mix (PS: a new signature behind the post, before 10 every day to get a card points, so a month or so will be able to get the signature), and is worthy of the name of Shanghai dragon why difficult, to rise to the level of college students from the primary level to obtain the signature, which is accumulated 500 points, and later also can only sign a name, not much sign, the specific rules can go to Shanghai dragon why Bangui, I spent a few months to obtain, because Shanghai dragon why are basically is the second. You remember this, the more difficult to obtain the signature, the more is the best. read more

Why Google PR still does not update the reason where

is currently China, we rely on love Shanghai more than Google. Of course, except for foreign trade website. Each of the work of foreign trade website, whether commercial or promotional marketing or money. In recent years, gradually increasing the number of websites on the internet. The same new challenge is required to treat each search engine! Focus on all search engines is to create high quality search results. So write a few small suggestions for reference, in order to reduce our website update algorithm by search engine impact. read more

The problem of optimal solution over how to do

excessive optimization for those eager to put the website ranking optimization of Shanghai dragon and practitioners is for those just learning Shanghai Longfeng novice, these optimization personnel are often quick, is to optimize the site through improper means, although these cheating can see the effect in a short period of time over a period of time, but as long as the search engine detection after these pages will be quickly deleted, even K off the entire site, this is the final result of excessive optimization, and usually these means can be avoided, even in the search engine punishment can also through timely correction for search engine well, then how to avoid excessive optimization website optimization on the road and find out the reasons of excessive optimization site and timely solve? Is actually very simple, but you are not to seriously practice….. read more

The search engine changes on 2011 several important foreign

at the end of 2011, as we optimize personnel, every day there was talk about search engine events. But in 2011 this special China outside those events to re create the search engine or search engine optimization in this market? So we look in 2011 This matter should not be delayed., what are some important search engines and Shanghai dragon event.

Google update new algorithm



: Google panda update

Update the panda algorithm

four: YAHOO Site Explorer close

two: Google search read more

Z blog perfect transfer to WordPress tutorial


Z-BLOG system are all data:

Note: please buy Linux host


school friends blog, column page format such as 贵族宝贝***.net/ of Shanghai dragon /

many friends just set up a blog are based on domestic excellent blog system: Z-BLOG, after a period of time a lot of people want to move to WordPress, transfer for many reasons. The main reason is that Z-BLOG Xuepeng long time no official blog maintenance and upgrading. We all know that a free open source for the others in the system, over time, the virus will be more and more loopholes, without official maintenance, the system will be eliminated. read more