The valuable BuzzFeed teaches you how to do news websites

introduction: BuzzFeed information dissemination to journalism, Internet and mobile Internet impact and thinking, but also need the media repeatedly chewing.

August 11th news: news website BuzzFeed received a $50 million venture from Andreessen Horowitz, whose valuation has risen to $850 million.

why is BuzzFeed worth so much,


look at the data: BuzzFeed was founded in 2006. At present, BuzzFeed’s monthly visitors reached 150 million people, while founder Peretti revealed that BuzzFeed revenue doubled in the first half of 2014 compared with the same period last year. Investor Andreessen Horowitz believes that BuzzFeed’s revenue is expected to break 100 million at the end of the year. read more

What is the first website operators to prepare food

More and more

webmaster friends feel that now operate the site is certainly not good, especially some enterprise website and individual grassroots website, in the management process will find themselves easily surmounted by the competitor, but they want development difficulties, even a lot of long in the operation process of changing industry website, want to to avoid competition risk, in fact, many owners have encountered difficulties in the process of operation, and not because they do not know how to build technology and optimization ideas, more or not well because of its preparation in the web site before operation. read more

New station want to say love you is not easy

directly into the theme, my last month 15, built a new station, due to start on industry of keyword research is not very deep, they select the "American Free Hosting" as the main keywords, from 15 to 30, the station I keep update, almost all of the original article rise, several keywords ranking is stable, the main keywords "American free host" has been at the top of Baidu’s second pages, the technology is not very good for me, this achievement has made me feel very satisfied. May go home, at home because something more, in May 2nd I found time to update a website, and the analysis of the site’s traffic sources, I find the main keywords "American Free Hosting" has not brought me a lot of traffic, I went to see the Baidu index search volume under the "American host" well, I put the "American Free Hosting" into the "American host" 51, and I haven’t got the tube. read more

To 3 electronic business platform for example interpretation of the electricity supplier with a co

combination promotion or tie-in promotion belongs to an additional marketing method, that is, when a user buys a commodity, he sells other low-priced products closely related to the product. So what are the points to note when designing a portfolio promotion? The author combines several major electronic business platform launched an analysis.

      combination promotion or tie-in promotion belongs to an additional marketing approach; that is, when a user buys a product, he sells other low-priced products that are closely related to the product. For example, users buy mobile phones, recommend headphones to him, additional sales should pay attention to such a few points: read more

The domain name fm365 com tree blossom remember the Daming Lake fm365

years later, the news of the domain name quite a lot, Yao Jinbo acquisition of jump driving school point, Google Hao throw 156 million yuan to shoot.App new top-level domain name. In addition, more generous domain name transactions have also been traded. There is an old domain name again is particularly interesting, that had become fashionable for a time domestic portal Lenovo fm365 ranked top five tree blossom ", Lenovo’s official website magic workshop.

since the failure of Lenovo fm365 strategy, the domain name has been silent for more than 10 years, recently Lenovo quietly online its official electricity supplier website magic workshop, and re opened the domain name. Magic workshop was established last year, Lenovo is a subsidiary, it is understood that the magic factory will at the end of March early April officially inaugurated, the flagship smart, intelligent mobile phone products Home Furnishing. The on-line workshop will be fantastic future Lenovo Internet strategic transformation, a vanguard Army force in the field of mobile internet. Fm365 is a sign of the Lenovo Internet 3.1 ambitious project, restart the domain name that Lenovo for the magical workshop business value. read more

Link value assessment of how much money the Tao Tao search alliance cited hot links value

recently, innovative advertising alliance Tao Tao search alliance on-line, in the advertising market blew up a typhoon". The main products of Tao Tao chain can let the webmaster earn extra income through their own Taobao link station. In order to let the owners know the possible income Tao Tao chain website after the installation of the Tao Tao search also intimate Alliance launched link value assessment tool (, which caused a heated debate in the industry, 28 Mu Changqing, will push net purchase of Wu Di, Chongqing playing the well-known master Huang Qian have carried on the experience and recommendations. And forwarded in micro-blog. Since the on-line half a month, has accumulated for more than 8000 websites to provide the inquiry service, altogether inquires the Taobao link 350 million, the appraisal link value about 30000000 yuan. read more

Be careful like the Google Adsense address Trojan

              a few months ago to do the QQ station, because Baidu pulled out, I did not manage too much, idle today, nothing to go inside to see. Hey. How to find the status bar flash several seconds to load a lot of other domain name address. Not good. So the first reaction is linked to the horse wearing glasses. For ma…… looking for a long time can not find how.JS are checked, no problem, did I IE poisoning? Then I went down to another station [under the same server] and found the same thing. Was it really IE poisoning?
read more

Management is important and the nternet is no exception

recently gave a network company network planning, to talk about the network popularization, just say that the management of the company, because the company soon, before the boss is not engaged in the network, the relative lack of experience, the company established gradually discovered many problems, the old board is aware of these problems, now measures have been taken to improve. Through these phenomena, we can find out how important an effective management mechanism is to the company.

is currently on the Shanghai region, many small and medium-sized enterprises to find us, they want to do is hold the network, and want to make a decision to such networks, from their conversation, can see that they have been aware of the importance of network. I think, whether it is the management of the company or the network management, need good norms, norms, in order to be efficient, in order to implement it step by step. For example, many companies from the housing, they have to partner network, this will certainly need someone to do, these enterprises or companies to recruit directly through the introduction of specialized management of the network, but some enterprises are still not clear, for example, they can recruit people to drive up the network, they really? It is clear how to operate? For this case, the red stone according to experience to share the following points, hope to provide enterprises is not very clear. Before the promotion of the network, the enterprise of course must first develop network brand promotion norms, such as website construction, website maintenance, network planning, network marketing, network control management and so on. read more

Cheng Wanyun Taobao customers need to think and practice but also the desire to succeed

many people want to make money through the Internet, but in what way, many people are looking for it. Why do people suddenly find their own Wangzhuan way, but some people are still constantly looking for. Taobao is in a period of time, one of the owners are more concerned about the way people say Wangzhuan, has passed, some people say there is a chance. But Taobao’s turnover last year was 200 billion, this year is 400 billion, with 5% as the average commission ratio, this market is very attractive, I believe Taobao customers will always have opportunities. read more