From the picture details determine success or failure to start doing site optimization

technology website A5 friends should be familiar with before, we also take this website as a case to explain how to improve the PR value of the site. We can see from the above, the site from Shanghai love image search traffic is more than 500 IP, accounted for 8% of total traffic. Thus, if a website optimization picture well, then the traffic contribution website is undeniable! As a concern of Internet technology and application of the blog site, the science and technology creative staff at the beginning of the site in the rich text on the website optimization under a lot of effort, here to talk to you about, how we are doing, I hope everyone can give a reference:

this is the key to search more flow through love Shanghai pictures, if not included, then what about the flow and ranking. Most of the time because we do not pay attention to, save the image file to the robots directory to be isolated in the world, I hope you seriously check. Set up a website robots.txt files ensure picture files can be search spiders crawl. More attention should be paid to, do not use JavaScript to link the picture file, because this search engine is unable to retrieve your picture document.

We believe that the


we all know, the search engine is not to recognize the picture content, what is most important to do so. Shanghai dragon is the need that tag and attribute in the context of the tell search engines this picture said. Many people only pay attention to the ALT tag in the reality, in fact, the context is very important, love Shanghai have their own analysis of what kind of pictures in what context, on this point, we love Shanghai in search for picture will see the effect.

, ensure that images can be search engine grab

this is mainly to keywords ranking, we can consider a picture name (e.g. 20120212.jpg) and pictures without any relevant keywords, with a picture name (for example: zuikeji.jpg>

Hello, entering Shanghai dragon industry friends may generally think: website optimization is the simple construction of the chain and the chain optimization. Of course, these two points in the process of Web site optimization is played an important role, but just think, if a website is all words and no pictures, that is not too monotonous? Well, today will discuss with you how the picture from the web site of Shanghai dragon well optimization. A friend may be questioned, the optimization of the picture belongs to all the minor details for the optimization, the role is very little. Well, if there is such a question, then we start a traffic statistics screenshot, we speak with the facts:

three, the picture name and picture the best keywords related to

two, set a good picture title and ALT label

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