Don’t ignore the 404 page 404 page how to create a good user experience

if you give a user with a better experience, they will leave. But if you give them some information, can pull them back to your route. You will get a chance to put them in your website, then do you want them to do. Each site is not the case, here are some suggestions to tell you you should put some 404 pages that information and links on your website on

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technically, 404 is a visual code that is communicated by the server to your computer or search engine to request a page. It tells the user that "they are looking for no longer exists. This is a lot of reasons, such as you shift your page or the link error. So let us focus on the user. Many people know what is the 404 error, but also a lot of people do not know. So my advice is to tell them this is a 404 error, and also includes some information, tell users what happened and they want the page no longer exists.

links to some important information or contact customer service company,


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if you spend a lot of time on the Internet, you should see a 404 error page many ridiculous and stupid chance. However, this article is not to teach you how to create a 404 error page for those not on the level of. This article is to help you create a 404 page, not only can help your user experience, help you solve some mistakes that you haven’t found your technology more important.

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now, you have to make your 404 page facing users is useful, but that for you and your team in the end is how useful? All 404 pages of the most simple way is to collect information that you have met, and then recorded or backup data. If your site does not look good or a lot of mistakes, perhaps for you is a concern, so when you take any measures you have to be careful. If you can, try to capture what is the information they need, where they come from, IP address or user agent.

links to some popular products


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website does not have a bad link will allow you to repair?

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