Love from Shanghai home cattle station user experience


recently love Shanghai has not how to update, only partial slightly updated, okay today morning in the free fall in love with the sea search keywords, I found two "cattle station", we look at the two station that should Speechless very. I love Shanghai in the first keyword search Shanghai Shanghai dragon, a station that (I personally think that this station really bad), the station ranked second in Shanghai love home. Not much to say, look at the picture:

can see from chart of this website title did not appear in the search keywords I do, this station is the same as that stone interaction sites, theme and search engine optimization is related to site enough authority, then we look at this station is what kind of content, see below:

can be seen by the figure, the ancient Shanghai Shanghai dragon light station the keywords in the home, there are three words in the home, really do not know the cattle station is how to operate, and the site has been the latest snapshot. A website that below and look at the other in an industry, I love Shanghai in search of Shanghai unsecured loans to see a station, as shown below:

can be seen from the figure this site last updated the time in November 17th, the website architecture is very general, but the ranking is very good, so I believe that in the same industry inside than the website Web site should be more to go, don’t know why you have this love Shanghai station has good ranking.

above is opening the website after the page, there isn’t any content, not to mention and search engine optimization, nor is Shanghai dragon industry authority website. I found this situation immediately query the comprehensive information on this website, and the website rankings are as follows:



concluded that the two sites I mentioned above the user experience that we see after should feel bad, especially the first website user experience is very poor, but there are very good rankings, and this website to promote the love of Shanghai "

the station from the chart to see what, let’s take a look at the basic information and website ranking, this website is as follows:

can see from the two images in the station is new sites, but included only 38, what surprises me most is that the reverse link station is only 2, but there are 4 key words on the front page. We take a look at the content of this site, as shown in figure


is the basic information of the website, see below in the rankings, the site of the figure:


, map

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