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Shanghai need

so, always love Shanghai are careful to protect themselves, may have been struggling to find a solution, so that more real enterprises, enrich the Wikipedia entry. Finally, also in the past few days, and finally come up with a nouveau riche idea: directly to business users for business license and other information.


may be a lot of small and medium enterprises to submit entries, there will always be love Shanghai to refuse to "sources of information authority" of this reason, it is very annoying. What was not well-known enterprises, or just a new enterprise, but there is a real. So, many companies will feel the love of Shanghai encyclopedia into the threshold is too high, so discouraged. Love sea, also hope that more and more enterprises settled in Wikipedia, because it can greatly enrich the Wikipedia entry, but do not determine the authenticity of the information through the audit, not pretend. Otherwise, bad enterprise, love Shanghai through the bad business encyclopedia is to help people with deceptive advertising, this crime can be compared.

love Shanghai launched enterprise encyclopedia, of course and fell in love with the sea, enterprises will benefit, as mentioned above, the enterprise can open enterprises protect their entry. But the love of Shanghai and deeper meaning, of course, not only in the nine block of 58 Fen day (love Shanghai do not lack this money).

this product is of course fee, but the ratio of charges seems to love Shanghai know a little bit cheaper, as mentioned above, every 9 pieces of 5 hair 8, anyway, love Shanghai more a source of wealth.



to love deeper, is likely to need their own management and improve the search user experience. The problems mentioned above, in fact, love is Shanghai’s own pain points. Shanghai love with general enterprises are not familiar with, do not know what the future will emerge a multitude of names of enterprises. So, more and more new enterprises and brand entry will be created, but love Shanghai editor how to judge the authenticity of the information

launched this product? Love Shanghai marketing center of rhetoric, of course is for the sake of the enterprise, so they say in carefully selected some enterprises face pain points, as shown below:

two years ago, the famous Shanghai know love launched the "love Shanghai enterprises know" (of course is to collect fees), put a lot of big brands in Shanghai love to know the platform. A few days ago, another important product love Shanghai also launched the enterprise edition, that is the love of Shanghai enterprises.

strictly speaking, this product should be love marketing center in Shanghai products, is with PPC is a nature. But the product of the stench of PPC is much lower than that in the enterprise search engine can be used as a name card.

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