went straight to the theme how to get through the combination of a large number of long tail ranki

second, although the "Wuhan" optimization "this word no index, but the meaning and" Wuhan site optimization "is the same, so in the actual customer demand is the search, and search over the flow.

1, regional ranking, such as: Optics Valley, Shanghai, Shanghai, Phoenix dragon Luxiang service optimization

2, there are relations and price words are basically the page ranking, such as Wuhan, Shanghai, Wuhan Shanghai dragon dragon optimization bidding service, how much money Shanghai Longfeng monthly payment, you may think of these words is not what special index is too low, in fact, as a business owner is really concerned about is the price, this kind of transformation the general term rate is higher than Wuhan Shanghai dragon kind of professional words.


first, to the site location, picked out some preselected keywords

search for "Wuhan website optimization" my website ranking page fifth. But the search for "Wuhan" optimization ", the site was ranked the first home page.

third, Qiao for synonyms, improve website ranking

my spare time last month, ready to build a Wuhan Shanghai dragon’s website, then positioning the enterprise of Wuhan area Shanghai dragon service, as a business owner or a salesman, a few words might think:

is located in the Wuhan area of the enterprise, for the convenience of on-site service, so I put these words into the Wuhan Shanghai dragon service _ Wuhan website optimization _ Wuhan Shanghai dragon optimization – Optics Valley Shanghai Longfeng monthly payment to do so what are the benefits of

analysis is as follows: in the view of the search engine, such as Wuhan Wuhan Website Optimization Website optimization, but the result is not the same. The reasons and benefits I do have the following two points:

is the site nameMy name is ?

website ranking optimization keywords optimization of Shanghai Longfeng service optimization service how much love Shanghai enterprise website optimization optimization


, the first "Wuhan website optimization index is high, half will not row up," Wuhan "optimization" no index, I passed several times in Wuhan "the word in the station optimization, can achieve the effect of synonyms ranking.


Dragon School in Shanghai at the beginning of the years, I have always thought that only home page title contains keywords optimization. Now I understand, the keyword segmentation and combination of science can bring a lot of long tail keywords optimization to the home page, and don’t need to do any of the inside and outside the chain chain. Here in my personal website as an example, I share is how to obtain a large number of long tail ranking Title combination.

website "Optics Valley Shanghai dragon, Optics Valley monthly payment" is the symbol of the bustling city center, Wuhan IT, a reliable feeling to the people here. The site is not just on the line, there are many optimization and Optics Valley, the price of the rankings, there are mainly two kinds:

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