Website optimization industry insider 80% are doing keyword ranking

two, the website of


keyword ranking is also up, why the website did not come up? My head inside the noisy! In my thought is when I finally want to understand, ranking leadership is not care about your keywords, they only care about you brought him several patients. I find a lot of information in the network above, do not see the website optimization keywords ranking, and site conversion, data analysis, site adjustment. I think there are a lot of website optimization friends have experienced very like me.

three, make optimization scheme and implementation of

before site optimization, key words every day looking at your website rankings, one day keywords finally made it home, when I was pleased with oneself when the network is in charge of I put a call to the office, talk to me, said although the website ranking, but this month over the Internet booking the patient is too little, the boss does not see your keywords ranking, you only see this month there are several patients to see a doctor, heard these, I felt like the keywords ranking went beyond 100, back to the front of the computer,

When I started to learn


, a web user analysis



site analysis is the site of the glasses. It can help you see what happened inside the site, where visitors from them on the web to find what information in the website, the most popular, and so on. This is the analysis to see the site from the website marketing perspective. Site analysis includes flow analysis content analysis and transformation analysis.

page layout is reasonable? silent!Why


site navigation clear? rectification

is the site analysis of first-hand data, we can make our website for a "major operation", we should start from these aspects.

when you put all the good.

3, the functional problems of

conversion path reliable?

then the website optimization of continuous learning, now the site optimization a new understanding, here we share the hope to help you!

effective website content?

formulation optimization strategy is a complex project, and unlike the website keywords ranking so easily. You need according to the website data analysis out specific optimization strategies, such as how to write the contents of the website Web site outside of the chain? How? To? If possible, can send some news source, it will require special network editor to join. There is need for WeChat marketing, if you need to change how the marketing is need detailed plan, and if you need to do some activities in the industry, you need to coordinate with other departments, take this month or the quarter or even a year of activity prior to accomplish the whole optimization scheme.

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