Light weight and appearance it is important to optimize the calm thinking process of website

, a calm look website snapshot

links allow all doubt if two or three years ago, we said that the link is not established or not important. At least for now, the only link is not website weight factors (in the previous year and >

to tell you the truth, if the content of the website released half search engines still ignore not included, I also very nervous. This may indicate that the site where there is a problem, but after a period of observation, the author gradually changed this view. Many factors influence the website included, such as new content itself with the search engine database part repetitie, search engine in order to save resources is no longer included, which is why a lot of replication to search engines no longer included. Even if the content quality is excellent, the search engine is not included also has its own reasons, such as touching search algorithm adjustment. So the author believes that the content of short not included only to reflect the new release of the content is not ideal, not the site itself and weight variation. But if the website content included a few days later, and have been deleted, will cause a high degree of attention.

three, calm look links

website operator is somewhat nervous, especially those staring at the site of small and medium-sized companies and small owners. After all, the search is king of the times, a little changes in the ranking are enough to affect the small company or the head of the grassroots survival. Ma Yun said, the Internet to small and medium-sized companies in small and fast to slow Bo opportunity, and when we all know the opportunities on the Internet, when most companies have moved to the Internet, this advantage is slowly lost. I want to say is, the website included unstable or ranking changes caused by the site operation personnel tension, is reflected in the more hopeless. But the tension is not a solution to the problem, not to mention a lot of anxious to get angry is meaningless, site construction and operation should be light and imagery process, learn to calm is very important.

Of course, the importance of

two, calm look website

certainly, website snapshot is a barometer of website weight change, when we exchange links have special value website snapshot date. So a lot of knowledge, many webmaster website snapshot once back on high tension. But I think, even if the site snapshot reflects more or less the weight of the website, we should try to calm. First of all, we should know why the website snapshot, and search engines allow website snapshot to happen to the file. Remove the algorithm to adjust the search engine, most website snapshot is because some factors involved in site weight change. For example, web content drastically updated, or external links dramatically, and even some people use the batch pseudo original or brush station behavior in an attempt to obtain the website ranking etc.. The website snapshot is re investigated on the site, and in the assessment results have not yet come out before, let the website snapshot can be more fair to show other websites.

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