Love Shanghai Scindapsus aureus algorithm update many websites stalls things

will update the Scindapsus algorithm, are harming the site also has some similar characteristics, of course, these are also love Shanghai need further consideration to the problem, there are the following:

when the new year started work on the occasion, love Shanghai non-stop on the new search engine anti cheating algorithms – Shanghai dragon love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm, the algorithm is mainly against the super chain intermediary, sell links, buy links and other super chain cheating, which is following the fall in love with the sea in October launched the fight against cheating chain algorithm the upgrade, to crack down on the link trading website.


is not completely

green is evergreen, strong vitality, purifying the air and the environment, love the Shanghai named Scindapsus aureus algorithm is also intended to purify the network environment, against low quality sites, but love Shanghai each update algorithm is also inevitable injury, after all is the robot to perform, a web site may have similar mechanisms and algorithms so easily together, the Scindapsus algorithm to update is no exception, but this algorithm is designed to combat the link trading behavior of the site, but never have so many link behavior of the site also stalls things, between the original ranking disappeared overnight, including Shanghai dragon industry high visibility of the white hat Shanghai Longfeng site. Let those who are harming the algorithm owners complain incessantly but helpless, Voices of discontent.


such as Shanghai dragon industry well-known Liu Huanbin, his Shanghai dragon VIP website also being injured in the update algorithm, resulting in no ranking, in fact, is the site is down right, his site to the home page ranking in the on-line ten days Shanghai dragon training and other related keywords, after Shanghai dragon training to the first rank at that time, also caused a stir in Shanghai dragon industry, also caused the attention and analysis of Shanghai dragon Er, the Shanghai dragon VIP ranking disappear once again attracted the attention of many people, at the same time, the original Shanghai dragon training in the top five websites have disappeared in the Scindapsus algorithm update. Although apparently injured love Shanghai’s strategy, but also how much is to be able to see some problems.

latest: Shanghai dragon VIP keywords Shanghai dragon training currently ranked has resumed on the 23 day, after a lapse of two days to recover, while others are harming the site did not recover, what do you think of


love Shanghai Scindapsus aureus algorithm is mainly against link, link to sell and buy intermediary links, although many websites, the chain link trading platform also buy by the algorithm to K, for example, slightly more common Ali gold and gold chain chain like the site, but for the chain trading this website hit is still not complete, now in Shanghai purchase, the chain chain search keywords transactions still be able to search the chain.



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