How to quickly increase the site outside the chain

methodFamiliar with

soft writing: there are many owners are afraid to write soft, because the brain inside squeeze out what the article came out, but I want to say here is that the article is one of the best ways to bring high quality and stability of the chain, and in the forum or with signature as well write a high quality articles submitted to the the forum, this effect is far more significant than signature, and the chain BBS signature or posting time is very unstable, love Shanghai every update, the chain with signature will decrease, personal suggestions don’t too much to do outside the chain BBS signature type.


classified information: enterprises are now widely used method, now a lot of free platform, covering a wide range, so the enterprise to do brand promotion, because some classified information audit is not very strictly, so you can add URL or contact in the content, also is a good platform for the chain.


link bait: such as making online survey to help users, holiday blessing ", on social hot speculation and dramatic comments, attracting many outside the chain.


let you outside of the chain increased to quickly increase the site outside the chain, the chain of this station is not doing very well, because it is just one of his experiences, a record of the learning process, so that their users to design net issued by the original article and the users interact, secondly, enhanced viscosity, can obtain a large number of connections, but the keyword is replaced on the line every few days, cause needless to say. Recently learned several methods, the share of

quiz website: Q & a platform, because it is the encyclopedia, every day a large number of people asking questions, so you can ask questions, also can answer, ask the more ordinary life better, and then answer the question when the skills to bring the company’s Web site, and many small platform website it will be reproduced, collection, a twenty hundred. But want to do the chain is not too good to do the quiz website now, because many do not show or not through, but like many can take the chain, but some require skills can take on.

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