Shanghai Dragon strong chain of love Shanghai Wikipedia editor experience sharing articles

contact love Shanghai encyclopedia, or when working in Beijing, I have a chat with the state-owned enterprises, that is to love Shanghai, also asked if I could help do a love Shanghai encyclopedia, I wrote here is not to look a bit of my first love Shanghai, 100, editor time is March 9, 2008, the snapshot time frames to stop, because then no one in this edited encyclopedia, the encyclopedia rankings firmly located in the company’s second keywords. The first is the company’s official website, the snapshot date is the next day, very fresh, thus giving special weight love love Shanghai Shanghai encyclopedia.

Shanghai Encyclopedia of love we are not unfamiliar, love knows Shanghai’s sibling, especially Shanghai Longfeng webmaster, love Shanghai encyclopedia is familiar enough, love Shanghai know more cards more strict, many domain name are added to the blacklist, Guo Yeye’s "Wuhan love Shanghai" network was also added which is really depressing, usually with links to know the answer, will not pass. If love is to know Shanghai Shanghai dragon ER can make full use of the guerrillas or death squads, so love Shanghai encyclopedia is an aircraft carrier, the weight is higher than that of the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love love Shanghai know, and removed possibility is very low, if the reasonable encyclopedia appeared on his own website with the domain name, the flow is sure will bring some.

I edited a few times to love the Shanghai encyclopedia, purely for fun, in order to upgrade ID, then stopped. Return to Wuhan in the Wuhan Bai Jie, in order to "Wuhan love Shanghai" website, Guo Yeye will be the core word "a high weight love Shanghai to promote the revision and turn the world upside down, with its own web site links, before the site was added to love Shanghai is yet to be included, after adding links" Wuhan, I love Shanghai "website is the second, and in second days will bring good traffic. But two months later, the link being removed. The business competition is always intense, is removed is reasonable, then I also have this bad habit, which can be determined as advertising links, I always go to the editor removed, the reason is very simple, advertising links, I know level is rising.

I observed a characteristic, if no one love Shanghai encyclopedia to modify, the snapshot is prohibited without moving, if love Shanghai encyclopedia was modified, the day the snapshot in a short time will be updated to modify the encyclopedia, the longest time will not exceed twelve hours, do not know what love is inside Shanghai how to give the weight of love Shanghai encyclopedia, can do not need snapshot every day, still ranking, when changed, updated snapshot immediately. These not to say, the weight of love everyone is obvious to people of Shanghai encyclopedia, Shanghai dragon ER how to love from the Shanghai encyclopedia here to share, Guo Yeye will share with you some experience.

edit dozens around the entry, edit entries in the continuous accumulation of experience, and also to help others to do some business.

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