Analysis of the four common methods of enterprise network marketing

Network marketing

more and more enterprises, network marketing way also is diverse, as long as the traffic brought to the enterprise website, the enterprise should be good, but many companies often just joined, find a good way not accurate, resulting in blind to marketing. A5 webmaster Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) several methods here for everyone to talk about common enterprise network marketing website.

third: micro-blog social marketing platform. Social networking platform has gradually entered the lives of users, a good place here is the webmaster of marketing, marketing to choose micro-blog platform, we should first analyze their own user groups before the start, enterprises should have a certain understanding of their own position, should be in accordance with the way users are those what users need to -> -> you can; to provide users with what they need from where -> improved -> user traffic conversion, through this process to consider micro-blog marketing, to make their products sold. At the same time, the micro-blog social platform, we can also use celebrity, celebrity attention in general micro-blog group more, for the average daily life products companies, particularly suitable for the use of celebrity, can achieve the effect of marketing is particularly good. >

: the first search engine marketing. The search engine whether enterprise station, or industry portal site will use the way of marketing, the marketing can accurately identify the user groups, according to the positioning of the site, choose the right keywords, long tail keywords product marketing. The main characteristics of search engine is to let the search engine keywords on the home page, increase your exposure rate, improve the flow quantity of users. The station is more to enterprise product sales, so the enterprise stand for, the title and description of the website, more attention should be given to the user experience, express enterprises to sell products with the introduction of the language, the enterprise can provide users with the services, if not ranked first, as long as the enterprise products that consumers want the services provided by the user wants, more traffic will produce website, and achieve the purpose of marketing.

second: precision marketing blog. Blog marketing has been widely used is the webmaster, many webmaster will use the third party platform blog, update the latest products and the latest services available to borrow huge traffic third party platform, to attract users to pay attention to business information, and allows customers and businesses to achieve interactive effect. Show business products in the blog, can be shown in different ways, can be decorated with flash and a large number of artistic elements, here can break through the marketing website can not use a lot of flash binding, can make the enterprise achieve zero cost to get more customers. At the same time, blog interactive communication is strong, the third party blog reputation, with such powerful platform and search engine marketing combination, can make the enterprise long-term training of users, and ultimately achieve the purpose of marketing.

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