About love for Shanghai health some questions to establish medical Commercial Trust System

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love Robin Li in Shanghai recently mentioned, China medical hope in private hospitals, private hospitals after the market is the main channel network, the development of private hospitals rely solely on the love of Shanghai auction, has not formed the reputation and brand marketing. Also, think that private hospitals from public hospitals is still much worse, in the majority of Internet users, after the establishment of medical business trust love Shanghai health system, public hospitals and private hospitals together, whether this is an opportunity for the private hospitals, private hospitals can get on an equal footing and public hospitals? However, will let users get whether which hospital is the real public hospitals. This situation will lead to fenbuqingchu real property of the hospital.

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3, if the user can evaluate this information, imitation Taobao and public comment, then, is not that will appear one after another brush comments software or false praise

2, love Shanghai Robin Li recently mentioned that Chinese medical hope in the private hospital, then, after the establishment of medical health love Shanghai commercial trust system, will be together in the evaluation of public hospital and private hospital

1, medical promotion has been an important income, so if you love love Shanghai, Shanghai health medical establishment of commercial trust system, the hospital can search information is submitted to

believe that medical friends are clear, general hospital is the most to love Shanghai auction, because medical Shanghai dragon is very difficult to see the effect, even after a certain rank but because of the limitations of medical article content will lead to more and more new website content, in the course of time will inevitably be reduced by right may. Then, after the establishment of medical health love Shanghai commercial trust system, will not open bidding are merged into a comprehensive information there? Or that can create their own hospital. If the hospital created in the name of the hospital name like "all kinds of affirmation, regional + andrology hospital" or "regional + andrology hospital will" not poor. Also, you can create your own will can be modified, will appear the same malicious modification problem. If not to the hospital the name of his creation, then love how Shanghai gathered the hospital information


, for the establishment of medical health love Shanghai commercial trust system, so, love Shanghai in April this year has a small scale line, you can get to the hospital information through search keywords and regional hospital, to evaluate the model, similar to Taobao and public comment. In the love of Shanghai health carried out at the same time, some people are happy people worry, everybody each one airs his own views. This is especially for private hospitals, it is a new step. So, what is this initiative is right or wrong, I believe we have the answer, love Shanghai do to enhance the user experience of Internet users. However, about love Shanghai health to establish medical commercial trust system, I still have some questions need to discuss with you together.

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