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we look at a few points above improve the core content, is the first site A, site B, site C, contains a total of three sites, an article is then increased to the last increase is C this article cited articles will also have the effect of Shanghai dragon, in fact, I checked on the net this concept, as already proposed, is about Google, but has not too much attention, the recent Shanghai Longfeng celebrities Lu Song song wrote about this common reference articles, and published in his blog, and then reproduced to the above A5, so a sudden fire, everyone began to discuss it, here is an interesting episode, this is this article, because Lu Song Siong has been published in his blog, and now again To reprint the above A5, pay attention to my words, since it is reproduced, that this article is not the original article, at least in other places there have been, this is a special place, believe that if it is ordinary people, it is certainly not the reason, it is because Lu Song is sung celebrity.

recently visited the soft when A5, inadvertently found that everyone in the discussion of a new concept of Shanghai dragon common reference, but also may replace the anchor text in predicting the future role, because only just heard this word, so have the interest, they looked for relevant explanatory information,

good way here, then the above question my question: so this website C cited articles will also have the Shanghai dragon effect, pay attention to the website B did not mention the explanation behind, then I want to know what is the role of the B website, and the website of the C mentioned the article also cited to Shanghai dragon effect, I want to ask is to have that effect, is the effect on the website of the C name, or the effect of C on the website of this article has pushed a Guan Jian word here is referred to the ABC, I think there may be ABCD. ABCDE…. So, the above mentioned website C is certainly an article refers to the site C, the website here C this article shall first be included in search engines, if included words is a chain of top-level domain, itself is useful, if not included also has the effect of it it is really a role, what is the specific, but at least there is no clear explanation.

mentioned above is the site B, site D and so on, is not similar to that of BDEF, the more the better, if this is true, then we can.

take a look at the Shanghai encyclopedia explains: "love" from the perspective of common reference to Shanghai dragon refers to: "if an article site A an article and B website quoted from site C, site A in the article said:" certain opinions had talked about the content of the website C." So this site C cited articles will also have the effect of Shanghai dragon."

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