Discussion on the daily optimization we need 4 aspects of problem analysis

general site after the promotion stage will have good traffic, it plays an important role in the statistical data will, we can use these data analysis and optimization strategies, such as your main promotion strategy for the site to bring traffic is very limited, and the other auxiliary strategy but can bring the objective flow, so now you should consider to adjust the promotion strategy. Don’t ever think that you think is the best strategy, to facts and data as the basis for analysis, found that the problem should be adjusted.

site is need time to accumulate, not a short duration of time to complete the countermeasure. In this process, we need to constantly adjust, find the best way to promote, this is also a kind of progress. Sometimes, a lot of master theory although very reasonable, but the actual situation is often not in line with their own site, only to do. "

view from the website backstage data statistics in the manner in which the flow is stable relatively high, another important data is to see the visitors come to visit your site of average number of pages, if the site’s jump out rate is relatively high, then we can say directly to your site is not sticky, this content is not enough to attract visitors. Is to continue to strengthen. So how do we adjust accordingly? We can see this competition, his site can provide what content, compared with you, you have no advantage, understand the core factor is what, seize the factors and in-depth mining, such content is high quality can keep the user content.

The development of statistics from the background data in users from visiting the pageIn addition to our

I would love to see some optimization of the articles in the webmaster nets in the daily optimization, there are many articles can make the feeling a lot. Recently on the Adsense nets walk around, I see a lot of optimizing the book, it is also a little feeling, I always feel that optimization is a gradual process, during the analysis and adjustment we do not stop the need to continue to observe and adjust. In order to get better development direction. Below I to share some observing and adjustment, hope to help you master.

site structure from the long tail keywords rankingSite optimization

analysis of viscous

Analysis of the promotion strategy

all cannot do without the long tail keywords and long tail keywords ranking, not only can bring a considerable flow for the site, at the same time can help us find the site problems. For example, your site has good included, but the content of the page to flow is not a lot, we can find a problem, there are seven or eight points because your site structure problems, especially the structure of the page, because the site has included a certain amount can prove your site overall weight can still, this then your focus will be placed on the content of the page structure changes.

analysis of

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