The coffee machine industry chain how to build enterprise website

for the best the current optimization techniques of the construction of the chain that is to contribute, in the webmaster nets such as home owners, A5 nets, 28 push BBS etc. these websites are domestic famous website and the weight is very high, but the contribution for some webmaster friends will not be easy to write. A good article should have certain knowledge of literature, but it is indeed the best way to the construction of the chain. At present the optimization of coffee machine is mainly carried out through the A5 website submission station network, the submission of articles are basically associated with the optimization of the station, there will be some webmaster friends will ask to write such articles may have correlation with the correlation between said website? I will simply take now to optimize a coffee machine website for example. I knew very well what the site is about the optimization of "coffee machine", then the author will first write a coffee machine comprising the title such as: yesterday the submission of an article title < of the coffee machine industry; the original soft enterprise station how to write a good title to > around the title of to write their own coffee machine original articles of experience and experience to write out this is a good article specific how to write for you.

talked about the construction of the chain is a long talk, but there are still some Adsense in feeling the stones, believe that many webmaster friends will understand that a website want to have a good ranking chain plays an important role, but because of Baidu algorithm upgrade from April until the "green" algorithm now the "2" is a series of Scindapsus algorithm on some improper chain, black chain, and the chain link to buy before the very popular news source soft chain crackdown, while the previous owners often do blog the chain construction and optimization methods such as forum signatures, posted the top chain what is the effect for now Shanghai Longfeng practices, < here I suddenly remembered the last time a plastic injection molding machine site looking for my friend exchange Links also spoke of how Are you going to do outside the chain, when I asked him what to do now mainly through the platform of the chain, so I had thought he was a bit too cautious, he said it did not dare to send the chain, in addition to Links, is to do well in the station building on the > content; resulting in a lot of stationmaster now friends to do the chain is a big bottleneck, today the construction of the chain currently optimizing a website about the sales of coffee machine to the webmaster friends to share the chain how to do better, I hope to give some enlightenment to the webmaster friends.

chain optimization The construction of

two.B2B platform

. A correlation with the theme of the site webmaster nets submitting articles with

B2B platform is a professional e-commerce platform to release information, such as this platform has many domestic Alibaba, such as: HC, global resources, the World Wide Web 114, Pacific Gateway Network and so on, a hundred responses to a single call. This kind of B2B website with sea Fu >

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