The chain product details determine the effect of enterprise website of Shanghai Dragon

years ago, we all think, where should I go to find the chain? Go to the forum, blog, and so, a variety of bbs+domain: web site appeared, various blogs have been registered.


long time no attention to some enterprise website the progress of history, on the corporate website, with love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, combat links, evolving Scindapsus algorithm, small business website may also be right down a lot, in this article, want to mention the small business website, more useful in Shanghai the dragon, for your reference, after all, when a piece of the Shanghai dragon, will indulge in a moment, the details may be ignored, this article will bring you some small details, try to understand the bottom of Shanghai dragon phoenix.

when the love Shanghai encyclopedia when using recommended links to attract our attention, what you are thinking about? Perhaps you are still thinking, my chain should be where to look, you may still think, who can give me a good outside chain ah, in a high quality page. A chain, so that my small business website ranking may be up.

In fact, these ?

recommended links to their website, often is some good ideas, good impression, in the chain, so standing outside the chain to improve their relationship, and it is also a way of Shanghai dragon

2) details of the industry chain site outside the chain, the small amount and high quality, should do more


in a lot of time, we are constantly looking for Links, found Links often do not have correlation, however, we still give them a chain, and the chain link can expect others to us so as to improve the ranking, in many cases Links lies in each other to improve the ranking recommend each other. However, if you only recommended, what would you think? When you see, a very relevant page reproduced, you can leave the original address? When you see a number of pictures, you will be a return to the original author and I believe very few thanks? However, I believe that the spider must know this article starting where, since the spider know, when you left a number of links, is not a kind of promote

need not, when you don’t have a good outside chain, you can recommend some quality related content as your starting point, such as the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love, because no matter how you do optimization, encyclopedia rankings are always on the first page, impartial, completely occupied a a position of the first page, so if that is so, why don’t you recommend a link to Wikipedia? At least in many ways is not bad, at least for the Aladdin effect to love Shanghai is very helpful.

1) details of the chain does not mean the station outside the chain, recommendations are important links to really

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