Some talk about the optimization of the old station often encountered difficulties

An educational website

concluded that the old station ranking is not ideal, to in-depth analysis of the reasons behind the data, so as to make optimization strategy. Of course, if you are medical, gray and other sites, no ranking from the new station.

through the thorough analysis, the author found that the station took over the chain, mostly with software group blog and forum outside the chain. The link to the page content and the car of the blog chain lock is not related to the forum outside the chain is mostly BBS advertising pages, associating with many medical advertising chain. From the quality of the chain of analysis, the station compared with rival is difference, so the number of the chain has the advantage, but the quality is far less. The content included, because the website for the mall, many products, so the advantages included. But the site overall weight is not high enough, the weight distribution is not scientific enough, the result is the whole site keywords ranking is not ideal.

second, some old station because of excessive optimization, change in love Shanghai algorithm, can identify the excessive optimization trace, which appeared frequently volatility ranking. Parking lot parking facilities such as the hands of the lock site before the site automatically generates "anchor text links parking lock" of the word, there are some group links, are now identified so love Shanghai, if not removed, its ranking fluctuations, or by the K station.

two, the old station ranking fluctuations

the old site in the optimization process, because the domain name weight accumulation has the advantage of extension staff mentality as the tortoise in the rabbit, the contempt and psychological paralysis can easily ruin the future site. The car parking spaces on the basis of the customer a 3 year domain lock site, some difficulties about the optimization of the old station.

the previous operation, mainly in Hunan arts. But the customer requirements to improve website traffic, I had to do a few keywords national art, the other provinces candidates enter the website, found no needs of school information, the bounce rate reached more than 80%. The consequences of this is the result of the main site keywords ranking as a roller coaster. Good morning because of the impact and click ranking, the bounce rate, ranking dropped quickly in the afternoon by the end of the home position.

, the old station ranking is not ideal

I took the parking lock site, regardless of the domain name age, the chain and the article included the amount have been home before a few have the advantage, the overall ranking of keywords is not ideal. In view of this situation, many optimization personnel will be lost, will not make optimization strategy in detail. A simple optimization is content with the chain, and the content and the station chain have the advantage, then how can I over competitors. The author here from the simple data analysis, such as the content and quality of the chain, the site structure, keyword distribution etc..

old station ranking fluctuations, is generally excessive optimization, the user experience is not good to jump out rate is too large or there is some optimization errors.

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