The excellent Shanghai Longfeng staff need to have what good work habits

as everyone knows, website maintenance optimization, whether it is to do optimization services for companies, or their own external optimization list for a qualified Shanghai Longfeng staff, how to develop efficient optimization work habits do Shanghai dragon is every one of us must think about the problem, good habits help us as soon as possible to reach the target, good habits and unremitting efforts to maintain and to obtain career advancement, good gossip short, today I will be under the analysis of the five optimization personnel need to develop good habits.

third: website optimization process is actually the brain thinking process of continuous exploration. We know that love is the ups and downs of Shanghai’s changing, encountered update each time a new algorithm may involve a number of sites, whether your site is being affected, for renewal of the algorithm must have their own insights and analysis, analysis mainly includes the quality quantity, love Shanghai new algorithm for foreign quality and the quality of what have the quality requirements of the new changes, here the author suggests the exploration process not only confined to love Shanghai every time the algorithm, each love Shanghai updates, whether large or small update update will be reflected in the articles included, the chain included snapshots and events the analysis for these details is also very worthy of consideration and research. Because of a destroyed nest. Usually pay more attention to love Shanghai algorithm change, more attention to every love Shanghai update, many webmaster statistical tools and web log analysis. A lot of time will make us blind work become very thought and rational.

first, the problem of private pre orders is actually effective communication. For individual owners, many friends will certainly receive outside many enterprises need to optimize the list, how to maintain efficient communication at the beginning of optimization, is the basis for our subsequent optimization results and return back, I think early for some of the details after the agreement is necessary to fill in the contract, in the process of communication to dig for users the purpose of optimization and demand, some for brand promotion, some for keywords ranking, some for valid orders, not consistent optimization results will also be quite different, keep communication time and customers, let the customer post optimization objectives and to achieve the effect of consistency, so as to avoid after completion optimization of recycling projects, and create favorable conditions.

second: the process of Web site optimization should always pay attention to trends and objectives optimization. After a good location we will always remember the optimization goal of their own, the best execution stages such as the first stage need to reach the site included quantity increased to a certain degree, the number of the second stage of the chain to rise? The third stage breadth of the chain of how to achieve these goals? After the execution stages, how to effectively do the statistics and analysis we must think and think about the problem, for the optimization goal of every stage must be a reflection and summary after completing a stage, so as to make the future work more efficiently.

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