Quick start Shanghai dragon Jingjiubucui optimization

Shanghai dragon

1, fresh and interesting pointing in Intranet station, can timely find fresh content, you will be in the information released after the others will come here to reprint some similar news, make oneself become a source of information. So the search engine will be for you to sit up and take notice, because you won’t hold a lot of time and effort through the content index of fresh China network. As a news source of your website is the fastest, all websites in your finishing reprint. So, the girl will be search engine see you more, your response is most alert will be more attracted to her. So, to put the site into a timely source of information, will hold in a large number of stations in the "beauty return".

at present, in the small and medium-sized website mainly rely on search engines to bring traffic, an ordinary grassroots site about 90% of the traffic on the search engines, as can be imagined to do search engine optimization importance for a web site. In China, arranged according to the habits of users of search engines, love Shanghai is undoubtedly a row in the industry’s leading provider of search. So, basically the webmaster about search engine optimization is mainly talking about love Shanghai search engine ranking rules to do optimization. However, the rules are the rules, but the change from the Pope, summed up in a word: grab the user more better optimization, search engine optimization optimization based on user demand. Don’t take is to study the high traffic keywords that Shanghai dragon engine optimization, and then piled up can bring traffic to the site. Novice how to optimize Shanghai Longfeng, many people often tell the primary webmaster said a word: "the best optimization is not optimal, but not without reason. However, reasonable optimization is not optimized, if the optimization is not in place does not do better optimization. Search engine optimization is like a race, to win a million people watched, lost to cast to the wind. However, there are a large number of owners engaged in the research of search engine optimization of the new rules every day, or even have improper means to optimize the blocked off site is too many to count. But the letter to seal, the greater the challenge is opportunity. So, how to start new Shanghai dragon easier for site bring high returns, in order to make efforts to achieve a multiplier effect, this paper discusses the following.


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two: with Shanghai dragon

, search engine optimization. Simple to say how your site is to win the search engine users to search for content in the attachment, try to make your website provides the contents of the top few. This can bring a lot of traffic, so as to achieve the profit, rather than constantly refresh the page to complain: why is there no one to my website, this paper discusses how to enduring rapid optimization of Shanghai Dragon:

beauty who want to see if you want to catch, the search engine to a beauty. How to make beauty can pay more attention to you several eye? The first point: you fresh and interesting. Second: you long for all alone, third points: you really have the connotation.


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