The love of Shanghai new start testing new knowledge brings what love Shanghai

saw a lack of knowledge

1, the new knowledge and overlap of love Shanghai know too much, also want to ask a question, in Shanghai know love asked, why would we want to ask the new knowledge? The user may not be accustomed to the new knowledge of the mode of operation, so simply don’t try.

3, have the confidence to do better than the known

three point of view: the new knowledge in micro-blog

went from the known point of view, should be very vigilant, very humble to treat

saw a strong potential of similar pattern


name is "love Shanghai new knowledge", URL: xinzhi.baidu贵族宝贝 through query, xinzhi贵族宝贝 domain name has been the love of Shanghai in the bag.


2, known early has established a good community environment, the part of the user is the first to join the various professionals in the field, so ask the content of very high quality. This factory and Li Kaifu’s personal innovation and propaganda are closely related. No matter how to say, innovation works and Li Kaifu can be said to be a good brand, and love the public image of Shanghai in recent years…… We have a clear mind.

had to imitate noble baby, because of that the lack of potential and noble baby in Chinese, (if a potential model has been made, and the obvious advantages, Shanghai love is not to do, such as micro-blog) confirmed that this sentence is not established.

It’s like

I think the love of Shanghai new actually doing micro-blog! Most competitive relationship is not known, but Sina, Tencent micro-blog

this thing from two aspects to see, Shanghai love to do something like this because of


view: not very optimistic about



love the sea really do "know", what do you think of

love Shanghai copied work are not very successful, such as the Shanghai love space, love Shanghai HI IM, ah…… As for the "new knowledge" is not very optimistic about the individual, reason:


love Shanghai since doing, will certainly to know many deficiencies to do a lot of optimization on their products, rather than purely plagiarism, so should know almost as fast as follow, with the opponent in the perspective of their products, with their own advantages to achieve fast, anti outflanks on the other, and hunger marketing is good, but very hungry for something else to eat, or whether to reconsider the marketing strategy of

3, love Shanghai massive user base is not suitable for the development of new knowledge. The user group is too messy is not necessarily a good thing people together various grades and ranks will be asked about the various grades and ranks, if things go on like this will produce a lot of junk information.

2 micro-blog fire. Information >

said it failed

point two: better than

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