Love Shanghai Optimization Guide new blind gun is a big risk

I do not know when the love of Shanghai, to the railway station, or weight or are extraordinarily gave up. Once the "slow" included "low rank" and the new distance is more far away. It makes some webmaster think: do website construction so easy? May seem easy, but in reality it has hidden all sorts of crisis, this is the search engine at present to the new "regulations". Many owners of this loss, think it is all thanks to the "technology in place", a site can be done croaking, results to the final ranking, flow a drop in a complete mess. The binary will point out today: the new blind hope for success is affected, or coke, rashness can obtain long-term weight.
A: on the second collection of those things the weight of
a website, the collection rate is remarkable, such as the A5 station network throughout the year by the search engine crazy seconds. Can get back to the site included speed, weight is high? This is not the case, because in the current search engine rules, most of the new station can be reached in the second, is not accidental. But one of the interesting things for a second website, is not less a few articles every day? So many webmaster do not live gas, like: I sent a number of articles will be the second? In fact, the result is correct, how much how much included. A day for two days, but absolutely no more than 5 days, your website will certainly become the slowest to history. And if continue, sites included speed will be further discounted, until it was right down. This is the search engine to give the "second" privilege but with only one of the old site of the night.
there has always been a topic troubling the webmaster for a long time, the website keyword optimization in the end of the writing? Shanghai Longfeng engineer generally in 5 to 8>

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