Optimization techniques of Shanghai dragon blog program WordPress

Optimization of

, the upload is complete we will enable the plug-in, it can be set, as follows:


2. Keywords tag

, a website using WordPress

to the corresponding picture with Alt is a search engine to tell what this thing is, the other side.

Optimization of

3. pictures of Alt tag

1.URL link structure optimizationThe first step of


here including the title, description, keywords and three labels. During the set time, the three label here, recommended to install a plug-in: All In One Shanghai dragon Pack, this can be obtained by love Shanghai search, can be downloaded through the website backstage left navigation bar to add new plug-in function upload, as follows:


believe that many webmaster friends like me, the first contact with the WordPress blog program is, in general, WordPress is a very friendly to the search engine program, using this program, if there is a problem is not the content of the site itself, we do not have to worry about the problems included network station. For the novice, use this program to build your first website but right then, there are also many online how to WordPress Shanghai Longfeng optimization article, below, I will put my experience to share with everyone, hope to help some people.

After the

two, WordPress Shanghai Longfeng optimization

is the first to buy a good domain name and space, then the domain name to their own space, this step in here is not a detailed demonstration, and then log on the official website of WordPress (贵族宝贝WordPress.org) download after decompression via FTP or space to upload folder folder called "WordPress", which will be all the content uploaded to the site root directory. The initial end in the browser to input their own domain name will be officially entered the website program installation process.


website program installed, then we need to carry out further packaging, to the site to select a suitable template here, I want to be reminded that, would rather spend some time to find a suitable template, don’t just find one and then spend a lot of effort to modify, do not efficiency but there is no significance. We just need to find the template online search will have tens of thousands of, there is always a right for you.


, we need to find a fixed connection in the background on the left bar navigation, then set the following:

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