Keyword stuffing and keyword density


keyword density threshold is a very vague concept, different ", different sites, search engine keyword density is not the same. Such as Sina.

written in front of 430dy贵族宝贝 words: keyword density and keyword stuffing are two different things. Not to say that control your keyword density in 2%, less than 8% keywords you www.yangshuonirvana贵族宝贝 do not stack. As long as you in the search engine’s most valued title, H1 label, the title of the article stack keywords, even if your entire article keyword density is relatively low, is also a keyword, and keywords in this place on the more terrible, more dangerous. Because the search engine to give the weight of relatively high places, it is also the most sensitive. Well below.

, what is the threshold

keyword density and the appropriate keyword density

the above example is just a simplified explanation of the keyword density, relative to the search engine algorithm, it does not contain valid HTML code such as meta tags inside things, such as title, Keyword, Description, and tag tag, ALT tag inside text. In fact, in the algorithm of search engine keyword density, these factors must be considered, although more search engine algorithms than the complex, but the basic strategy is consistent.

(Keyword Density), the density of its substance, and keywords frequency (Keyword Frequency) are discussed, the concept is the same. It refers to the total number of web pages and other text keywords in the page of the proportion. Generally speaking, it is expressed as a percentage relative to the total number of words, pages, Keyword Density appeared more frequently, keyword density is greater. For example, a web page is 100 words, and a keyword appears 7 times, the keyword density is 7%.

generally speaking, in most of the search engines, keyword density in 2% – 8%, is an insurance value, is conducive to the site in the search engine rankings, but it is not easy to be seen as search engine keyword stuffing.

in an article from the "polite friends gifts network chain flow see plan" the next step work, we talked about the focus on the chain extension from the chain flow analysis. This paper talk about keyword density and excessive optimization of a keyword stuffing.


different search engines, such as Google, YAHOO, love Shanghai, the keyword density algorithm, and the formula is different, the best keyword density of different search engines which accept are not the same. But excessive optimization such as keywords spam, different search engines in the tolerance level taken before are not the same.

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