How to effectively set up a website title

, a keyword in the front, don’t cut out

three, the page title reasonable form of


1, _ classification name site name

generally, the title page, recommend the use of a word in the form of showing the title, and classification page, can choose "1" type, content pages, personal recommendations can choose the "3 forms", if the "site name" and "title" is not particularly relevant, can actually remove "3" in the name of the site, leaving only the title".

although many websites began to pay attention to, but there are still many websites do not know Shanghai Longfeng, especially enterprise station, especially in the web page title settings on the most obvious, so at this point many government websites, almost all web page title is "XX" website titles such as can be imagined that is the keyword will not achieve the desired ranking below, through the following five aspects, simple and we talk about how to set up the title page.

two, the headline

generally, a page title words not too many restrictions, but the search results are displayed and not long enough, Google tested can display up to 65 characters English, love Shanghai can display up to 30 characters Chinese, more than the words of the search results are not displayed, in order to improve the user clicks, and the weight of keywords, Gu advice page title words, need to be concise, accurate, should not be too long.

3, the content of _ Title site name

2, _ _ Title Classification name site name

is the need to identify the core keywords need to be included in the title, and write the best core keywords in the front, in general the page title from the front to the back of the weight given in decline.

: use the "_" the hyphen is likely to love their products in Shanghai. >

on the Internet can see a lot of friends choose to use many different connectives, generally include: "-|>" _; the four is more common, but not required, in the strict sense for the hyphen individual thinks, for the love of Shanghai in general can choose to use "_" for Google can choose "-" these 2 characters.

many friends love to write a lot of keywords in the title, in fact, does not need to be repeated many times, such as: "58 site directory _ _ website directory directory Daquan" is such a title, can be simply written: "58 site directory daquan".

we often see the form of the following page title:

by the way it is a reminder of a page title not more than 4 target keywords, the best control in less than 3.

, four hyphens

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