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I think many webmaster do not just connected to make a high quality of the chain, in the website platform is more important to think through this platform to promote the site, get more traffic. The specific information in the website for us is very helpful in the website. Just imagine, web platform on the web site will be a lot of, to the site requires talent shows itself has a specific and unique information. Of course, the website keyword tag is not small. This can make it easier for users to find your site information when using the search. But after a detailed description of the information can not only get more of the target audience, but also can reduce the examination time.

website platform a lot. At the beginning of many may know love Shanghai hao123, but when you go to the search for it, you will find that many of the platform. This platform, we should how to choose? Only related sites I recommend. Secondly, analysis of the overall quality of the platform, because if it is a waste of the platform, not what effect to us, and may be counterproductive, affect our site. The analysis platform of quality, we can use the snapshot, included, weight and other aspects of analysis.

do the chain site platform there are many details that need attention. The author here simply to share these three points we need special attention, and I hope to help you. >

two: the directory sites need to choose the right

is our webmaster, for the website to find the high quality of the chain is all things to do every day. In addition to blogs, forums, such as the construction of the common inquiry platform chain, what can the construction of high quality and high weight of the chain? Yes, today I will introduce a possible method of less use. It is through the web site platform to do the construction of the chain high weight. The website said it can also be said to be a can do free promotion platform. As a webmaster need to learn to achieve a multiplier effect by some methods, the chain weight through the web platform to build high quality high. This stage I also for my site to do the chain for the web site. The author will analyze some of his own experience experience in the following.

three: the website information to fill in the correct

we find a suitable platform site, we will begin to look for our website directory. As a lot of a web platform directory, there is a small category below each big general directory, this time we have to choose our site directory. In order to prevent a malicious web site to submit the same URL, so do the limitations of a website can only submit one, so this step is very important. Choose the correct directory you can not only reduce the time of the audit, but also a crucial influence on the target audience.

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web site to find suitable platform

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