The customers who are not realistic in Shanghai dragon dream

is the first Shanghai dragon dream: fast love the first page of Shanghai, similar to the 48 hours on the first love Shanghai’s advertising

second Shanghai dragon dream: do love the first page of Shanghai, can bring real benefits to my

the customer is the most common, as a Shanghai dragon staff, of course I want to do keywords ranking customer requirements as soon as possible to the extent. But we all know that Shanghai dragon is long, and according to the website of the different keywords and the degree of competition, to love the first page of Shanghai time is different, but these customers are very impatient, do not understand Shanghai dragon. Perhaps see online a lot like "48 hours", the first love Shanghai advertising so wrong to think Shanghai Longfeng effect is very rapid. Just a few days will be able to love on the first page of Shanghai, in fact, we all know that this kind of advertising unspoken rule. This is not to say, the evil Shanghai dragon will only make you lose more customers and trust.

this kind of customers are skeptical attitude of friends of Shanghai dragon, that is, try to do the attitude of Shanghai dragon. In fact, we all know now many business owners of Shanghai Longfeng misunderstanding, the Shanghai dragon look too magical, too strong. Even thought the Shanghai dragon is equivalent to the network marketing, network promotion, Shanghai dragon but also is a way to get traffic from search engines. Shanghai dragon can make your web site traffic soared, but if you talk about network marketing or e-commerce, it also.

personal orders of the children will encounter a variety of customers, these customers you face is how to deal with the communication with the customer does have a lot of skills in it. Talk about the bad will lose customers, Shanghai dragon service price is low pressure, it is not worth doing. As the saying goes, "the customer is God, because the customer can give you rmb". But to tell you the truth, God’s temper is different, it is difficult to "serve" ah, but no way, in the face of customers still have enough patience, your mind first place. Not to talk about business never mind, but let the customer feel you are very professional, dedicated, and the most important is honesty. Shanghai dragon service has been the price of cabbage, so we will advantage and peer reflected in the "good faith" two words. The following are some of the common customers the author organize the unrealistic "Shanghai dragon dream", and how we have to face these customers. I hope people to the new orders some inspiration and help.


in the face of such customers we do? And they must first explain Shanghai dragon is how one thing, then tell them how long to do the first page keywords love Shanghai, of course, we can only be an estimate of the time. Any personnel Shanghai dragon did not have that ability, said 30 day the first page for 30 days, a day without error. For some degree of competition is not the word generally need 3 months or so, usually not only a consultation with your customers. As for the short time of unrealistic customers or advise them to go to Shanghai for it.

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