Shanghai dragon WHY integration and aggregation dimension of founding a husband

2012 September, only the teachers held a big party membership today in Shenzhen kylin Hotel, the theme is: "thinking under the new environment: integration and aggregation, from good to excellent". As we all know, since 360, love Shanghai and noble baby have taken measures and means, especially in the most in June and July, as most of the K station. Another important thing is that the search engine will upgrade, the previous time, the first wave of search engine is recommended to sort through the website, is to "anchor text links to sort through the web for training; change after second stages, the search engine will order" social ", namely social recommendation, before we do a web page to do a anchor text or a chain can replace a page ranking down, so in the course of time will allow search engines to lose the trust of users. With a relatively large in recent years the development of Shanghai dragon industry, from the previous page recommendation will transition to the social recommendation to.

we do Shanghai Longfeng people think every day in Shanghai and noble love baby, so they think in the end who they think is the user?. A few years ago, fell in love with the sea search "beauty" two words, there will be a lot of beautiful photos, but now not, if you fall in love with the sea search now from the "beauty" of the two words, there will be a lot of different things, the content may be different before, to what will happen. I think we all know better than me, I am not here to say. With the rapid development of Shanghai dragon industry, the search engine can not meet the needs of users, then they are faced with a variety of upgrades. In order to increase the authenticity of the user, the love of Shanghai to do a thing called love: the Shanghai encyclopedia; is a very good solution to this problem. Then, the user wants to get an accurate information, at this time, love Shanghai and developed a product called: love Shanghai know, also very good to meet the needs of users; this is an upgrade, this is the user demand.

no matter how search engines, how to upgrade, and ultimately only one purpose, that is to go to better meet the needs of users. Next, how are we going to meet and face a love Shanghai big update? In this lesson, the teacher only focus on the theme of today in response to the integration and aggregation, then, what is the integration and aggregation, see below:

The polymerization of

from the thought of speaking, we should integrate all the information to service for customers, provide appropriate solutions to the user; from advertising terms, we need to do a website, we put the industry, all the production and service.

: add the attribute tag to the integration of the product or service industry, for the preparation of the material through the polymerization; polymerization page include all the long tail from the excellent industry station group optimization, to excellent brand optimization;

integration: from the product or service providers to the industry integration sublimation from the excellent supplier to the provider of excellence;

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