The chain is not Shanghai dragon straw optimization

love from official reports in Shanghai can be seen in the current Internet Chinese a flood of garbage station. The love of Shanghai made a series of measures. 2012 love Shanghai algorithm to do the 7 major adjustments. Is to reduce the influence of the rankings chain. These adjustments also exposed Shanghai love love Shanghai for the search engine algorithm embarrassment. Because of the basic algorithm of search engine is based on external links and links to each other on the basis of import and export. Love Shanghai tries to content strategy to change the algorithm for link dependency.



2013 Shanghai dragon chain optimization is also not

unknown above is love some analysis of the 2013 trends in Shanghai. The next Shanghai dragon


Baidu said: to support the original site. This in the end can be achieved. Anyway, they said. That kinda like it. Love the sea called "spark plan". It feels like the sparks of fire can start a prairie fire. The Internet is to ignite the first fire of the original. This can not be achieved in the end. Only Robin Li. Ha-ha。



unknown that chain operation past can not have a great help to enhance the ranking. The chain is not Shanghai dragon straw! A lot of people to understand Shanghai dragon is: "Shanghai dragon! Is not outside the chain chain can send!". But how much of the chain has not upgrade and ranking is not much. For example: there is a nameless Shanghai Longfeng forum. The site is www.chtjt.c>

Baidu said: in order to improve the ecological environment of the internet. As the Shanghai dragon should look at the division below this so-called geological site to share the love of Shanghai. It seems the cheating and gathering station is love Shanghai believes that the low quality web site. Without this really is very difficult to judge the value of. What kind of station is of no value. This estimate is very hard to say clearly their love Shanghai. Because there is a certain value. Identification of no value can only Baidu said. Who is this Baidu

how to do?



Baidu era, Shanghai Phoenix are floating clouds! A few days ago wrote a "ring chain out of favour? I love Shanghai" kick up a cloud of dust in the article, describes the external links is the core of the internet. The chain for the rich content for search engines is very important. But the chain is not the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng straw. In March 6th 2013 love Shanghai stationmaster exchanges will be held in Beijing, issued the "2013 report" trend Chinese website operation. Love Shanghai said, will focus on supporting the original high quality website. It is also considered the 360 to enter the search strategy, a love draw Shanghai station.

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