Shanghai dragon combat summary lifting weights and the PR value of the site love Shanghai

is your soft, soft, promote the enterprise’s own products to invisible, this has been considered as a good way of network marketing. If you want to write attractive soft, need to have a few.

2) add 3~5 important keywords (keywords)

many enterprises have such confusion: a website for a long time, not only in Shanghai, love the search engine to search a few pages, and the site of the PR value and love Shanghai very low or almost no weight. The existence of such problems, that there is no reason to pay attention to website optimization Website optimization or lack of relevant personnel, the enterprise website have been in place for many years.

6) attention to the use of H1, H2, H3 label

exchange Links

8) to keep the website content update


1) website content is similar, but do not avoid and peer exchange;

site internal optimization for a business site is very important, but it only experienced such setbacks of the enterprise can realize this profound.

3) write attractive description (description)

website optimization needs from the following aspects:

3) best not to chain the number of other more than 30

; weight?

7) note that bold and italic using


5) optimization of the first paragraph of the first sentence of the original, the best

from the internal to the site for the optimization and adjustment of

so, how to improve the enterprise website website PR value and love Shanghai

write valuable original soft

2) is greater than or equal to similar PR value of the site and your site;

4) do not exchange and junk chain site.

4) in the reasonable arrangement of the chain

platform can not only establish a positive good image of the enterprise, but also can remarkably improve website PR value. Now, good Wikipedia platform including: love the Shanghai encyclopedia, 360 encyclopedia, Interactive Encyclopedia, Wikipedia, SOSO. In this kind of love Shanghai platform create enterprise entry and entry product class encyclopedic knowledge, one is beneficial to the search engine, the two is able to play a very good publicity, three is to improve the PR value of the site and the weight of love Shanghai.

Links can not only enhance a website PR value, but also make the website for search engine friendly. Therefore, in the Links exchange, should follow the following principles:

Wikipedia platform for the establishment of high weight chain

1) to optimize the site title (title)

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