AppStore ranking in the fall This may be 8 Reasons

well, you! It is! Square!

App Store ranking wavering

remember, ASO ranking floating is normal. All the time, whenever and wherever possible rankings are in change. Apple does not stop by changing the App Store search results to test new variables.

You have a new App

! Why my App is not going down? The ranking from day to day, I have to increasingly thin.

ASO ranking always changes, if you have a App with a slight decline in the App Store rankings, don’t be too nervous.

if you do intervene ASO, your ASO service provider or professional team will send you the report, but if you insist on your tracking performance ranking, may not the same. So too much attention App Store optimization ranking will be counterproductive.


in addition, prepare for the worst.

In order to prevent the

App are at home watching other people down the list to climb slowly, some even soared overnight into the top three (of course, this kind of App is very rich).

last year, App Store in search of "natural language" has some changes, the user can enter the keyword phrases or terms in the search box, instead of just one or two words.

if you have been in this situation, you just ASO ranking addicts or victims. The us today is to analyze 8 Reasons and Countermeasures of the decline in the rankings.

if you have just released a new App estimate of your ASO ranking will drop, no matter what you do, regardless of the new App ASO did a good job.

if you only focus on the relevant keywords, it may be a problem, such as your keywords have out, users no longer often search for the keywords.

App Store

how could this be? How can I make the flow back?

ranking drop too fast, please the steady implementation of ASO strategy. After some major mistakes in ASO directly put up the shutters. So be careful, not too aggressive.

the user search keywords are also times, what what popular search. Some users may use the long tail keyword or phrase search. Therefore, you also need to update every time a keyword strategy.


ASO the problem how to do?

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