Discussion on how to meet the webmaster mining user search keywords

of each industry is the terminology and life. The owners in the choice of keywords, also want to consider their own website user group education, gender, occupation and so on, these are available through the Shanghai index can know love. For example, jargon is called a desktop fan fan fan, but the user search, rarely with a fan to search, if you choose a fan of this keyword but ignore the life of the keyword table fan, the search engine will not put the two is assumed to be the same as items. But the user search will search a fan of such words, so in general, relatively strong professional website will choose keywords for more professional, not specifically for the professional website should try to choose.


for the website keyword selection, especially with the local nature of the site, such as the Shanghai dragon type website, now no one will do the webmaster, but down to the area, this is the scope of planning, such as the users in Guangzhou need outsourcing website optimization, will Guangzhou Shanghai dragon search optimization Guangzhou Province, Shanghai Longfeng optimization services etc.. After all, users are our most accurate search for love, like to find a job in the website, will not directly search recruitment. The search is targeted, such as Guangzhou, Guangzhou Tianhe Dong Pu recruitment recruitment etc.. Therefore, different types of websites should be based on their own website for the user search habits to select the appropriate keywords, the purpose of doing so is to explain the overall content of the site to the search engine, and more users are looking for information. If you do trade and choose the types of keywords, should not be such a webmaster.


webmaster every day around the user experience, after all, the user experience is good or not is a key factor to determine the site can survive. Only the site has a good user experience, we can talk about website development, website profitable direction. But for the website, keywords is the first step of website construction, the so-called has a good beginning is half done. Then the key choice is the webmaster do stand started, for the choice of keywords, as far as I know, most of the webmaster is to choose keywords through love Shanghai index, search, drop-down box and the webmaster query tool, the author is not to say that these methods are not correct, but the choice of keywords should be more is to choose in accordance with the user groups and user search habits website face, and some key words flow is obviously brush up, these natural selection did not use what. For the keyword selection, the author suggests that the webmaster should as far as possible according to user search habits. While the general user search habits are close to life terms, such as certain clothing prices, and general users may search certain clothes how much money. Today I talk about how to choose the site in line with the user search keywords:

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