Analysis of independent store case intoxicants mall Shanghai dragon problem diagnosis

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Title: intoxicants Mall – the most professional China authentic, authentic tea, tea online shopping mall: Tieguanyin, Black Tea, Green Tea, DaGongPao, Pu’er Tea, tea – intoxicants mall

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H1 tag found a problem, that is the entire station H1 tags are set in the head of the LOGO, which is a lot of mall mistakes. This leads to all pages of the entire site H1 label is LOGO, can be said to be a waste of the weight of H1 tags directly, but also dilute the relevance of the page keyword. We know that the H1 label means that the content of the page title, will automatically see a bold, the user will know, this is the user experience better. The same.

1, the page title set is not good


several typical independent mall style.


and tea: tea tea _ _ health tea and tea _ – origin brand – online purchase tea platform of choice for

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basically are more concise, even a slogan slogan, or outstanding service, discount and so on.

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2, H1 tag set unreasonable

intoxicants mall is a website I have recently come into contact with, because of the business relationship between some cooperation, and I hope I can on the site of the Shanghai dragon optimization suggestions. Because before the tea mall has some understanding, so to intoxicants mall this typical tea comprehensive mall is not strange. Take the time today to see the web page design is very well done, at least, is the best I have seen several tea mall to do, the user experience is very good. And the product pictures also shot is very good, the tea shoot is very clear, generally speaking, user experience and product design or can, of course, is not the focus of today to discuss this. Mainly on the Shanghai dragon problem diagnosis, also found some problems, details. I hope to do the independent store to help a friend.

title is too long, can see the title and not fully revealed, love Shanghai index title is the length limit. But so much weight can only dilute the keyword keyword index, effects of love on the web page of keyword recognition in Shanghai. Personal recommendations or to write up characteristics as concise as possible. Each tea does not have outstanding sales, and home can not do so many words, it is not stable, showing specific varieties of tea in the description is enough. Keywords or average distribution to the inside pages more reasonable.

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