From the novice website optimization process to share

front is outlined for the following points:

!The first part:

in front of those words I would sleepwalk play out, let you bother. At this time because of the chain and the role of coupled with my friends in the chain what the keyword has on page second, but I don’t know for what, on the acquisition, because I found a site within a year’s time to put the words "decoration" do go up, and when I he has checked up, his website building only a year, his website is what is ugly, but not so good, even the framework is not very practical, but when I check included I found out he used own website space and make a what the pictures are not only text and background image acquisition station, collected tens of thousands of the same articles, so close.

before I have been part of the chain and articles solely responsible for five sites, each site is the second. When I put the part turn out I think so I can my website optimization easily, and then I stop the chain, at each site keywords are ready rank, always stay there, and even some will fall, so I decided to optimize one of the stations to try.

The second part: Optimization and I just kept

, although I don’t know how to do my hair, hair forum, classified information for what I did not like how careful, and I make use of my spare time on what software. And bought a few as auxiliary, although I have not carefully tested the real effect, but I still insist on this software.

because we know a person in charge of five sites will not have a result, so after I think and think, I put the part of the site to another person to do, I have a total of five sites (their own home, so I can dominate these things), so even if I spent a day, the man I asked for me to send the article will not be interrupted. This love Shanghai spiders also come to my site every day will not let him free.

I was a fledgling small station, hand had five sites, because I just graduated so hard to find the secret of Shanghai dragon, study hard at home, including what were collected, what the mass. In so many days I decided to find a website and a less intense word to practice. Since it is a headline optimization process, then I will tell you the detailed process of the

I decided to optimize this website: Keywords Beijing waterproof waterproof company which had previously filed because of problems stopped a few days but my website recovered back but also as the second, keywords also maintains the original state.

when my main keywords Beijing waterproof company is on page third.

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