4 elements of the summary improve the quality of the key words of love Shanghai

love Shanghai baby Adwords auction or noble, quality is a very important concept, of course, Adwords call quality. The quality in the important position of Adwords is beyond doubt, although the quality of love in Shanghai auction is probably just a gimmick, the bid is still to get good rankings of the first elements, but we have to study the degree of quality, because it really influences our account.

is the system according to the quality of keyword hits, creative writing quality and performance (account account into other key words time, account of the hit rate) calculated from other factors, with quality level of the format in the accounts, with 3 star said that the gradient of 3 star said good, 1 stars that bad, and 2 stars said good.

2, the importance of what are the benefits?

for advertisers: can obtain better rankings with lower click price, thereby reducing the overall cost of the promotion, improve the rate of return on investment. At the same time, improve the quality of the degree, the advertisement may jump left, increase the click rate.

3, the cumulative account. To optimize the quality of key words is a process of trial, need to continue to focus on account of performance, according to different accounts, the effective method for the account of the different situations, you may need to optimize the time is not fixed, the love of Shanghai to maintain a high price to get a high bid hits, can improve the performance of the accumulated accounts. To improve the quality of.

1, optimize the structure of accounts. Get an account after you must tidy up the account structure, reasonable grouping. This is not only conducive to the account management and operation, is beneficial to improve the quality of the degree is also very. Note that each ad group keyword in 5-15 between each ad group all keywords should ensure that roughly the same part of speech.

, what is the quality of


for users search: users search more interested, more people click, visitors experience better, the higher the degree of quality, to help improve the user experience.

three, how to improve the quality of Beijing keywords love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon summed up what everyone has been in some say:

Key: ?

first look at love Shanghai keywords quality concept:

The long-term performance of


two, love Shanghai keywords to improve the quality of degree

is significant and creative knowledge. It is necessary to guide users to click on the search, high quality creative, better dissemination of product information, enhance brand awareness, improve the click rate, is essential for the quality of the promotion effect of account. Make sure of the key word rosy, this operation is not only can get a large number of search engine users to click on, and to improve the quality of degree is the key. For example: "love Shanghai andrology hospital" search results, rosy red font for

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