Think of the flow characteristics of the group search did you make

fourth, do the positioning of the website, let search engines know where your website, is the main product in what place, it will be better for you in the score, increase such as Head:

flow to improve the bottleneck, it is difficult to expand the keyword ranking? Opponents too tough, how do you spell or spell it? Maybe, another way to consider some problems, these problems can be smoothly done or easily solved these ", for example, the group characteristics of the search, you have to do? Maybe they will you be contrary to expectation" mammon".

good regional ranking mainly have the following considerations:

province city is referred to the provinces, the city is referred to as coord, latitude and longitude information > page

however, the vast majority of domestic websites at Shanghai Longfeng treatment also only for PC (day end user), but in the "night life" (mobile user group) to do processing sites are less than one tenth of. This is the current status of the Internet China, if you go? I believe that the flow will get a good promotion! Don’t say to do a PC search on the mobile phone in the end, to do so, because the mobile processing site alone, the search engine is a priority ranking mechanism of terror!

in the normal logic to judge: on the day of Internet users if possible, choose PC will certainly be more, after all PC display is more abundant, it is a mobile device can replace. But during the night? Dragged his exhausted body lying in bed, not many people are willing to be happy to open computer shopping. This time the "mobile phone, pad is the generation of flow point.

website operation area optimization


second, with the area of word density, keyword density, now usually we are not very stressed, are generally more natural, but if you do keyword optimization types, or recommend some regional deployment: word ranking page is not less than 10 of the outstanding.


user access time and equipment

first, the regional brand is outstanding, for example: "Xuzhou XXXX call center", deployed to the global title and page position right.

many sites have a fault, not to do the "national industry word", because the station is too high and can not see the immediate interests, why must be far away? Or that is really ambitious. For users: the local type of business confidence, is far higher than the remote site, the search engine optimization, area type, type of website is more for regional ranking advantage.

third, 90% website Links, link is the "flow of words", this time the appropriate link to local words, brand word really will be better, don’t ask me why I know.

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