The reason is that the general site drop right

5. chain uneven distribution

two sites are the same, the chain of 80% above is pointing to the home page. Now many in Shanghai Longfeng optimization when used to focus its resources on several key words, and a large number of keywords flow, are unwanted, just allocate some resources in the past, the flow will come up. Just look at the key words ranking Shanghai dragon, belongs to the sesame lost watermelon. Hands are grasping with both hands, the average distribution of resources, to maximize revenue.

1. content is not high quality

website optimization is also to be right down, see two website article page found that almost every article deliberately embedded page keywords and bold chain anchor text links to the home page, one of the sites is more won’t listen to reason each article, either in the title or the front, plus the website targeted keywords in the title behind. This is not conducive to the user experience, is not conducive to Shanghai dragon optimization, obviously cheating can not love Shanghai K?

website content is the core part of a website, it is very important to search engines. A large collection of web content, search engine is judged right down is inevitable.

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the two stations have repeated the contents of a large number of meta tags, web site if there are a large number of Web meta tags may lead to site is down right or website and poor phenomenon, refine the design for web content and web site construction problems caused by the program duplicate meta tag content the case.

site is down right, here just list some common points of the two sites, more than five points as long as the breach point may lead to site is down right, therefore, we do need to pay attention to Shanghai dragon in the optimization process, to avoid the site is down right.

two days ago to check the site chain found two station was drop right after the discovery, decisively removed a chain, and notify the other person in charge. Some people may say that the website two days ago is still good, don’t know what it is right to be reduced. So I put two sites analyzed the reasons about the site down the right, found two sites have the following characteristics:

3. a large number of meta tags

One of the reasons for excessive

4. single anchor text

check of the two sites Links, found two sites in exchange Links are using the same keywords. The chain then love Shanghai outside the chain of tools to view the two sites, basically 80% of the anchor text is a keyword. This method has not work in Scindapsus algorithm, love Shanghai easily can be judged by the artificial chain, do not give you hair is mercy.


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2. site excessive optimization

For many reasons the

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