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a lot of people playing the title of the party, this industry is too confusing, this I want to say, when people drive the company forward but not the product marketing push the company forward when the company is very dangerous. When Jobs just created the apple.

but still often hear some different voice, that is why such a high index every day into the traffic to a website only a few buddy? A lot of confusion, of course love Shanghai credibility index itself is low, because the factors include news search, in addition there may be people brush the suspects, of course is a part of peers in my search, so you don’t click on your website. Of course, in part because people website has a group of loyal users, people will not click on you. Of course, you may not be in the website, after the first time do not want to come second times, even if this is the first time to see you write the title and description are not people click on the desire, and so on a variety of factors.

play the most important is the title and description, of course there are some people know that this is very important, but also may affect the ranking click. So the title and description of the writing is very attractive, allowing users to click on, the user is very attractive to look, it is not a click into it, immediately jump out. It will also cause the bounce rate is too high, this is the legend of the title of the party. A waste of time to hurt the user search engine, this approach is not long. Then the real practice should be like? Should be based on the demand of users, the user needs to write in the title and description, which is the content of the corresponding.

such as we are doing the tin industry, we need to know the user in the search box what demand. Because the search keywords must have such vague implicit demand, even if the search is precise long tail word must also have other needs. For example, we can search the tin industry, people also want to know what information can we take, what information in the title. For example, according to our understanding of this industry, users also need to know the shape in the title, purpose, material, technology, brand, package level and so on a series of content, this time we need to put these users are most concerned about the content displayed in the title and description, this is more conducive to the user to determine, and can form more long tail keywords the. This practice is starting from the needs and experiences, and the title of the party is essentially different.

web site traffic and several factors is the most easily overlooked is clicked, Shanghai dragon is always ranked most attention. And click on the attention of the people are few, we do not think of a website ranking no one click what for? Flow into your website is still not ah, in this regard may be misled by some people, can often see such data, search engine home accounted for 90% of traffic. Ranking of the top three accounted for 70%, so a lot of people on the basis of such data is inferred as long as you can into the home page, as long as you can into the top three flow a lot of it, is a user will click.

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