Why the number of clicks Clicks is an error metric

however, low hit rate does not mean that advertising has no effect, the opposite is true. Consumers often see advertising shortly after the purchase, but do not click on ads.


control test, see IMVU advertising customers, regardless of whether or not they click on advertisements, 10% are more likely to become paying customers. Compared with the control group, 10% of the increment is the additional effect in addition to all of the existing marketing efforts. The control group to see other marketing opportunities and testing group is the same. The two group, the only difference is whether the actual see advertising. The test group saw an advertisement for IMVU, while the control group that is not related to advertising.

, not worth mentioning in the industry, less than 0.1%

In the

because the application of Web site analysis tools, many marketers only active sites (participation, semwatch transformation – editor’s note) attributed to click based marketing activities, for example, to display advertising clicks. However, this is a very limited method.


a century ago, John Wanamaker said: "I spent half the money is wasted; but the problem is that I don’t know which half." Nowadays, Internet marketers are still struggling to overcome the problems in the analysis of the same measure.

3, in the control test, see IMVU (the name of a virtual world) advertising customers, regardless of whether or not they click on advertisements, 10% are more likely to become paying customers

IMVU use the same method to test if subscribers see stimulate consumer advertising in the real world, whether you are willing to spend more money. On average, see virtual property promotion >

The increase of revenue

display ad click rate (CTR) is very low, less than 0.1%; most of the people do not see the network advertising click on it. In addition, the number of clicks and click is disproportionate. About 85% hits to from 8% people. Many industry studies are focused on this problem.

Display advertising hits is a 1

in a recent test, a IMVU can buy virtual goods and virtual social networks, trying to study found that when free IMVU users (these users have received the email marketing, and see the ads in the virtual world) to see IMVU’s online advertising in the real world, are more likely to become paying users.

the answer seems simple, because in the network world, you can track clicks (Clicks). The problem is that the number of clicks and click based analysis is untenable. The number of clicks can not only show the whole truth, it will even reverse the facts, especially in using it alone.

2, after the show optimization than click optimization to be ten times as high as

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